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    somebody stop me :)

    By Oana S.
    Apr 28, '05 3:10 AM EST

    Well”¦ I took the ‘Archinect Global Correspondent' offer seriously and am working on it . : )
    I kind of won a ‘kind of scholarship'. Between 9-30 may in Sinaia (ironically, the place I almost broke my neck 1 month ago) I'm going to attend an urbanism seminar held by the University of Grenoble. Don't know much about it, but I am pretty anxious. I'm the ‘leader' of a 3 boys team (I'll let them call me 'godmother' and will make them an offer they cannot refuse :) and hope to kick some ass. Unfortunately, as I don't have a laptop I probably won't be able to keep my blog alive. :( I'm pretty sad about it and just hope not to forget too much information. If nect won't ban me I'll write some reviews as soon as I get back (in a month).
    In the same order I was selected for an erasmus/socrates scholarship in Sevill, next year. It isn't quite what I am looking for (I'm hoping for two different scholarships, this is a buffer) but it's an option and options are good. In addition some colleagues are now entitled to officialy hate me.
    My books (kahn and corbu) came yesterday, with home delivery.
    And today for the first time in three weeks I saw the sun.
    And I'm wishing you the same.


    • David Cuthbert

      Did you see the sea as well - looks gorgeous today. Oana congratulations on your scholarships - you'll be missed

      Apr 28, 05 1:05 pm

      congrats, oana. maybe you can check in through cyber cafe while in the seminar.

      Apr 29, 05 12:43 am
      Oana S.

      we have 1 week holiday so i'm going home. i'll show you some nice pics, when back.
      take care.

      Apr 30, 05 2:17 am

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