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    Another subject to close! Unfortunately …

    By Oana S.
    Nov 15, '05 6:01 AM EST

    This is nothing more but a sort of exorcist exercise for me. I got over it in the end (”˜best things are yet to come'), said to myself next year it will be just as fine! Today the Italian officials told me next year it won't be possible neither. Great!
    In the end I suppose it is ok, but it God damn sucks!!!!!!!!!!!
    My mom doesn't believe me anymore, she is sure I mixed information up and just blame the others....
    I myself am not sure anymore about anything, but I love more then ever Kafka's Trial.
    What can I say....
    anyway, the guys from the Italian school where great and always on my side. I thank them hereby!


    I managed to start working for school this semester.Though I won't be able to tell you too much about it. In short, this is pretty much how I tried to do my own thing according to their rules:
    - the studio is a mess / I'll avoid signing my project as I don't have any kind of feeling towards it (so no pics from here)
    - ”˜esthetics': I'll make a paper about ”˜rocky horror picture show'
    - ”˜structures': I took up H&dM's Rudin house and study it
    - ”˜compared architecture': I study the new mall in Tm and compare it to other mall typologies(this gives me the chance to take those pics I promised vado) .
    So this is it!
    Free time :
    Architecture After Modernism by Diane Ghirardo
    History of the 20th Century
    a special approach on ”˜Delirious NY'
    Project on the City and Content - re reading...
    and scanning the Internet for Scholarships...


    • aml

      oana...bachelor diploma in arch in ecuador used to be 6 years when i did it. tried to transfer to a bach in arch in the states in my 3rd or 4th year, and it was a mess. a lot of work for nothing, including detailed translations of all programs only to be told they had to be approved by another entity. in my case, it was the universities that sort of sucked.

      in the end, i finished my degree in ecuador and then did a masters in the states, only to be repeatedly asked how on earth was i doing a masters after 6 years [well, they were 6 bad quality years], and how other students with similar programs [someone from argentina] had gone directly to a ph.d.

      anyways... it was very bleak for a while but i did get to 'go outside'... although i didn't believe it was happening until i was actually on the plane.

      don't give up don't give up don't give up

      Nov 15, 05 9:48 am

      oh wow, I'm so sorry, that's awful. :(

      I've had to deal with awful beauracracy before, too, but I've heard the Italian form is one of the worst kinds.

      I wonder if perhaps money would have helped? Although that's probably impossible.

      Nov 15, 05 12:55 pm
      brian buchalski're not going to italy? that's disappointing. quite a paper trail though...maybe you should be a lawyer. i tend to delete all my emails.

      Nov 15, 05 2:04 pm

      probably cus you dont use gmail

      Nov 15, 05 2:56 pm

      Oana, could you try another country?
      In past threads you have said you have never been to the US.

      If you want to transfer that is difficult, although a buddy of mine did it, she transfered from a university in our native Colombia to the University of Florida. I dont think they counted all the work she did though.

      Nov 15, 05 3:08 pm

      oana, so sorry to hear this!
      thanks for providing the emails - it seems that the university was willing to help but the embassy can rule over what their requirements are?
      can you ask your school to give you one of those 3 year diplomas instead? since you've already completed 4 years. (the one that makes you officially a "conductor"?)
      what a mess.

      but like aml says, there's the other option - a masters. Start researching schools and email them to say you're interested. Ask them to send you their catalogs and study all your options. it is never too early for this.
      You deserve a chance to get out.
      I know you've been persistant and that you are very dissapointed to see it amount to nothing, but don't give it up.
      Actually your blog is very painful to read and it makes me angry again.

      But, if there's a way to come to visit here to look at some schools I would be happy to help in any way.

      Nov 15, 05 3:17 pm
      Oana S.

      thanks to all of you.
      i'm currently looking for scholarships in any possible country (actually i would keep Italy only for holidays and on-my-own studies :P).
      and the problem in this particular case is that i actually applied for a masters.

      As I don't have anythiong to loose, I'll spam schools around, something might come up!
      thanks again!

      Nov 15, 05 4:51 pm

      i'm sorry to hear that. we could have met once you were here.

      has the embassy told you why your application failed?
      if so, you have to change, or cheat, the missing or wrong information and you should have no problems. i don't get how it happened, if i read correctly, my school even sent emails, and probably called a person at the ministry of foreign affair in rome who has contact with the italian embassy in timisoara and it was not enough. probably you should have handed a fat envelope to someone at the embassy.

      i've read the emails and i've seen that my school's international relation office has been good with you, i wish i had to deal with them instead of the student secretary's office.

      Nov 16, 05 12:47 pm

      maybe not your thing but you might consider the monbukagakusho scholarship to study in japan. i am on this to do phd at university of tokyo, but there have been a few doing masters degree here as well. the scholarship pays tuition and includes a monthly allowance that is alright for a non-sexy life in tokyo if you are single.

      the scholarship is run through the japanese embassy in your home country and info should be available on the local website if you are interested.

      whatever you decide to do i am sure you will do well. from your posts it is clear that you are bright and have something different on offer.

      Nov 16, 05 6:55 pm

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