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    so long... very well

    By Oana S.
    Jul 31, '05 3:53 PM EST

    in less then 7 hours i'm starting the trip to paris. on the way i'll stop for one or two nights in graz, viena, stuttgart and on the way back i hope to spend a week in livorno.

    i have a 4 pages lists with must-see but in the same time i hope to relax and won't be running after sights. it's not a marathon.
    probably won't blog until i come back, though you never know.

    have a nice summer,


    • oh c'mon...don't do that to us!

      Jul 31, 05 4:16 pm
      vado retro

      you will have to revise your previous list...have fun w/those french boyz

      Jul 31, 05 5:13 pm

      damn! we do look forward to your post Oana - please don't deny us

      Jul 31, 05 8:54 pm

      have a great trip, oana!

      Jul 31, 05 9:38 pm

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