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    By Oana S.
    Oct 1, '06 8:58 PM EST


    • oana am i missing something, or is this an ironic post on the meaning and spectacle of viewing?

      Oct 2, 06 7:18 am

      i believe it's a memorial to the lost views section.

      Oct 2, 06 8:40 am

      didnt even notice that section was gone. But as I remember it was seldomly updated and seemed to overlap 'features' anyway, or didn't it?

      Oct 2, 06 8:54 am

      I don't recall an overlap, but you're right, it was under-utilized. The last thing I remember reading was bryan boyer's millenium fountain essay...

      Oct 2, 06 9:00 am
      brian buchalski


      Oct 2, 06 9:05 am
      Oana S.

      actually, my internet connection (or, to be more precise, other people's wireless internet connections) broke down when i tried to upload the picture. initially i thought i would update it when possible, but since it already started some comments and it already has a metaphorical interpretation, why not.

      Oct 2, 06 9:32 am
      Oct 2, 06 11:36 am

      that's kinda funny, Oana. thanks for letting us run with it.

      Oct 2, 06 2:19 pm
      Oana S.

      since we are at the subject, i was recently looking for the event calendar. is it just me or has it been cut out too?!

      Oct 3, 06 9:06 am

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