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    when it's not up to you anymore...

    By Oana S.
    Nov 17, '05 3:50 AM EST

    For those of you who live in places, where the sign that autumn arrived is a temp of 15 degrees... let me tell you how it really happens.
    This year, at least here, autumn was the first season with fine weather. The leaves went yellow and eventually fell down, but the sun kept this nice, warm atmosphere. ”˜Till today.
    This morning I looked through the window and couldn't tell what time it was. A fog that appeared to be from a bad ”˜the truth is out there' - ”˜I believe' - second hand mysteries - movie, covered the town.
    I made plans for today to spoil myself, promising good mood and no reluctance from any ”˜possible' wishes. Someone had to do it! Of course, the weather was not part of the initial equation, but still, such a tremendous initiative couldn't be stopped by something like that.
    In the end I succeeded, but I have to tell you, these kind of autumn days don't just pass bye. The fog invaded not just the open space but also the interior and even got in your mind. As good as your mood might seem, you catch yourself starring outside; it has caught your attention, if only for a minute. It's not sadness, not depression, no negativity ... But peace comes only once with the evening. It gets dark already around 18 o'clock (and it's only November!), so your energy runs out quicker. You know that feeling when it's cold outside and you just want to stay under a blanket and do nothing? When I was little and it rained, I loved to hide in bed and stare at it... It was like a time-out or break; in technical terms ”˜pause'.
    In the town I grew up there used to be lot of snow but here in Timisoara, it's awful! Everything is plane; there is not one single hill. In summer it's way too hot in winter it's cold but without snow. Winter without snow is horrible. The white powder that covers the dirt, the grey is like therapy. It heals your eyes. And it has a sort of refreshing spirit after the way too heavy autumn days. Of course this might be also because of the many snow-fights it involves, but the snowballs that you randomly receive are a worthy sacrifice. Snow melts everything down that autumn has frozen (oh my, that was the poet in me).
    But there is no snow, at least not yet. For the next period you have to look for nice interior spaces which will replace the part the outside used to play. On coca cola bottles you can already see Santa, you start to hear the bells... not very loud yet, but it's a matter of days.
    Christmas is weird, but that's a whole other story.

    ”˜Till then, I highly recommend hot wine, a soft blanket, good books and bad movies.

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