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    By Oana S.
    Mar 22, '05 7:07 AM EST

    I just had one of those 'you don't mess with the mountain' moments. I spent the last three days in a nice resort, weather was fine, everything ok.Only on my last day (actually last ride) I had a traumatic experience. The slope was frozen (it felt more like ice then snow, you couldn't break it even with your boots) and we tried a new route.. We got to a part that was almost vertical (a little exaggeration), couldn't see its end and there was nothing you could grab and hold on to. My feet where shaking, walking wasn't an option and sooner then expected i started to slide on my back with no chance to stick the board in the ice. For 50 meters i was slideing, screaming 'no no no no' and even hit a stone. On the lower part of the slope the snow was melting and so i stopped. I got out pretty ok (some bruises that don't let me enjoy sitting down) but scared to death. The rest of the slope looked like another chance to slip down.
    I try not to think about it but i was lucky.

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    • David Cuthbert

      give me sand and surf any day

      glad you are okay tho Oana

      Mar 22, 05 1:44 pm

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