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    FLW goes nuts or nuts go to FLW

    By Oana S.
    Mar 3, '05 6:37 AM EST

    Last night I watched ‘Huff' on HBO. One of the characters (Teddy) has some psychiatric problems and lives in an asylum. On one day he and his disturbed colleagues were taken on a bus tour, with normal people, in order to get used to the ‘real' world and relax. But guess what ”¦ it was a FLW tour! Teddy ran away (they didn't make it clear if because of FLW, but I believe that was a subliminal message).
    I thought it was funny.

    A new semester just started and I'm doing my best to get on my feet. I've been trapped in some sort of crisis, which gives me some freaks.
    Anyway, on Monday we will receive the briefing for the new project. On Friday, as in tomorrow, we have a new sketch (that kind of 1day project). The problem is that we have 4 sketches during one year, and you have to pass 2 of them. So I might skip this sketch.
    The first 1 day project was a anti-smoking campaign: an installation in a park and a logo (and as low cost as possible/ if possible). Strangely enough the work on the project made us smoke more then usual. I refused to scare the viewers with cancer pictures, I don't believe that really works. So I tried to express the message in a more relaxed way. The ‘title' of my campaign was ‘ do yourself a favour'(I even believe in this title, it kind of suits every type of campaign). I made a tunnel along the main path in the park . In the interior there are pictures with no smoking signs from all over town. I wrote false sayings ( smoking shrinks your breast, smoking makes u fat, smoking kills instantly – there once was an american campaign saying ‘smoking shrinks dicks') in a big rectangle, underneath was written with a smaller character ‘ if the tabacco companies are lying, why can't we?'.
    In the end I can say it all was useless. None of the students quit smoking.
    I'll be back tomorrow with some pictures from the sketch.
    So long, very well


    • David Cuthbert

      change of philosophy

      smoking kills!
      smoking kills?


      Mar 3, 05 7:09 am
      Oana S.

      The funny part was that the teacher who gave us the ‘no smoking’ theme, is a yoga freak ( don’t have nothing against yoga, only can’t stand the hippies that take it to seriously ). Mmmmmmmmmmmm! According to him smoking destroys a man’s aura.He told us about some plant that is used in treatment to ‘refill’ the holes in our aura caused by smoking. And his idea was to use that plant in our installation. Right!
      Some students tried to fnd out more: smoking what? Grass is used as a treatment! How can a medication kill you? Could u get us a sample so we study the phenomenon ? Shouldn’t there be a workshop for this: like a week of experiencing, and then the project?
      But , I don’t know why, yoga just isn’t compatible with humor.

      Mar 3, 05 7:47 am

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