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    By Oana S.
    May 10, '06 11:03 AM EST

    I guess life is still moving on, with or without us.
    The word life has suddenly a totally different meaning. It has a meaning. Weird. Kids!!!
    Resaca = hangover
    I've been to a conference held by Antonio Ortiz, from Cruz and Ortiz . It's funny when an architect speaks rather uninterested about his works to a bunch of rather not interested students. I guess they deserve each other.
    It's funny when somebody talks about a project and then shows the pictures. How often to the real thing stand up to the expectations induced by a smart way of using words?!
    In the end what matters more: the pics or the words?!
    Not eligible opinion about the above mentioned studio = they have a very nice sense of dealing with arch, but somehow the concrete thing lacks something
    Architects are the same everywhere
    Architecture students are the same everywhere
    The above is true in all circumstances - big or small scale, luxurious or poor scenery, english or romanian language, on the 89th floor of a high rise office building in Manhattan or the garage improvised office in the parents house
    I was surprised when I saw how this trip affected my colleagues.
    I guess nobody can remain indifferent.
    I like to think that we have a '20 years old' something in our eyes, full of doubts, dreams, fear, expectations but most of all anxiousness.
    I and my Romanian colleagues made a discovery that might change our lives: you can actually live from the money you earn. And of course, the fact that people can smile instead of being angry on the street.
    Is poverty a good excuse?
    What for?
    Pena is already 1 hour late but let's just say this is her charm.
    Free drinks are nice. At least the first ones.
    Life should be for free.
    Did I mention that I swam in the ocean?! Yummy.
    I am always amazed when I think that there are people who actually live by the sea, ocean. Look on the window and see it, walk five minutes and just take a swim before going to school, having dinner in its proximity...
    I always associate the sea with holidays.
    I love finding sand in my bag and pockets one week later.
    You want to bet that Pena won't come in the end?
    It pleasently took me by surprise last night when I was walking barefoot on the ceramic tiles that they weren't cold. I also didn't need a blanket to cover myself.
    The joy of these sensations was shadowed by a little hidden thought about how it would be in a month.
    The complicity caused circumstances.
    The circumstances caused by complicity.
    ”˜Jack: for heaven's sake, don't try to be cynical. It's perfectly easy to be cynical.
    Algernon: My dear fellow, it isn't easy to be anything nowadays. There's such a lot of beastly competition about.'
    I got Otter's poems book, with a very nice dedication that starts as follows:
    ”˜Dead fly' (arrow pointing to a fly who found its death on the first page of this book)
    It's in islandic and I'll probably never read it. that's probably what I love about it.
    I promise this is the last cigarette.
    No, I did not say it before.
    i think this is the day i have been told about: u just know it won't rain again until september.
    I have to write a composition about my family for the spanish class. Kindergarten.
    I did a 70 pages paper about ”˜el hormigon' in spanish. Thanks to the internet.

    Thank you Internet!


    • AP

      great to hear from you, as usual.

      May 10, 06 11:09 am
      brian buchalski
      sooo...oana, do you still have time for figure skating? or is it just too warm in spain for that?
      May 10, 06 11:57 am
      brian buchalski

      and yeah...i'm resaca know, the typical wednesday morning bs...blech!

      May 10, 06 12:03 pm

      maybe a composition in andalusian about the different families of concrete would be more interesting.... ese hidrófugo, quijo!

      May 10, 06 3:29 pm
      vado retro

      i miss u oanagurl email me sooooon!

      May 10, 06 6:09 pm

      Draga Oana,
      Great stream of conscioussness writing, as usual. Apropos de descoperirea facuta impreuna cu colegii Romani, aici in SF, it will cost you 'a pound of flesh'. Nici macar the sight of the ocean nu poate salva o inima zburdalnica pierduta in drumul fara de intoarcere al construction documents.
      Praful Bucurestilor, eeeheei, ce vremuri...
      mai scrie-ne...

      May 11, 06 2:48 pm

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