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    somewhere in between

    By Oana S.
    Jul 20, '06 11:59 AM EST

    I was writing in the past weeks several blogs... in my mind.
    Waiting for answers, way too many questions, heat, time and some surrealist circumstances........
    Well, let's see where we are now:
    I am still working in Seville in an office - 2 more days
    I got the scholarship at the Politecnico di Milan - same problem with the visa as last year.
    I got an interview at a nice office in NY - I got an internship starting September.

    Now... the last of the above is a bit hard to believe for myself. Probably because I never really considered it before.

    Anyway, for all the new Yorkers out there:
    Any tips and tricks?
    Any free rooms?
    Anything else?

    Under the weirdest circumstances and extreme ups and downs, there is something which will make the last week here a delight: a trip to Barcelona and a photo camera.

    Finally some pics on the blog...


    • manamana

      you probably should not have let puddles and vado know that you're coming to the states.

      Jul 20, 06 12:17 pm

      Great, great, I'm happy to read extremely good news from you.
      How long will you intern in NY?
      If you start on September, what will you do with school?

      Jul 20, 06 6:18 pm
      vado retro

      mana, i already knew. oana and i are buds and since she has spread the news i dont need to keep it a secret any longer. congrats oana. talk soon. beso!!

      Jul 20, 06 10:25 pm
      liberty bell

      Yay, Oana!!!!!! So excited about the internship. It will be an amzing and educational opportunity.

      Now please step up, NYC Archinecters, and help Oana with some advice!

      Jul 20, 06 10:26 pm
      vado retro

      you may wanna look at this oana...

      Jul 21, 06 9:23 am
      brian buchalski

      oana makes it to america before puddles visits romania...i lose again

      Jul 21, 06 10:58 am

      really Oana, you are such an incompetent stalker. i don't live anywhere near ny. nevertheless, i'm stocking up on garlic.

      maybe seville is more interesting than ny? seville's climate must be better than ny's.

      Jul 21, 06 5:34 pm
      brian buchalski

      this is the only free room that i know of in manhattan...and its worth checking out the next time that you are in the neighborhood.

      i'll hit you with more suggestions later. cheers.

      Jul 21, 06 8:45 pm

      congratulations, oana, well done! so are your plans all set? sounds like you're still thinking about how all will work out...

      Jul 22, 06 3:08 pm

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