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    By Oana S.
    Oct 6, '05 12:21 PM EST

    Sometimes after I sketch the idea of one blog I realize the words seem maybe artificial, fake or don't have the expression I was searching for.
    I realize I can't write about something that is not on my mind, about something I can't relate to. So I turn back to sincerity, the ticking bomb. Although it always turns against you (several bloggers can testify, I'm sure) in the end it is the only way. My latest blogs might have shown too much of the disappointment I felt. Anyway, I hope they didn't induced the reader the feeling of pity or ”˜poor her'. That was not my intention and I can only hope it didn't turn out like that. Nevertheless, the support so many of you showed was absolutely great and it helped me to deal easier with the situation. Thank you for that, Your Majesty, Reader!

    And snow something about my school which I have ignored lately.
    In our first study year we had 2 studios to attend. One was focused on architecture, the other one was more artistic (based on composition, color, textures).
    The first semester , at the arch. Studio (I call it this way so you can follow me) we made simple exercises. Though at first they seemed strange and puzzling, they turned out to be an excellent warm-up for what was about to follow. There were 3 exercises: 1. inside-outside, 2. up-down, 3. core-shell. At nr. 1 we had to create a prismatic form 40/20/20 , of whatever material in order to create an inner and outer atmosphere. It was supposed to be without any direction, without any difference between the opposite sides. At nr2 we took the result of nr 1 and gave it an up and a down. We had to differentiate to opposite sides, so the perception would that the new element had a clear upper and a lower part. At number three we had to insert a core in nr2 , taking care of the relation between the 2 of them. (dimensions, material, space, color). I can clearly remember that an example that the teachers gave us for exercise nr1 was Corb's Ronchamp. And since I was talking about sincerity, I'm going to confess my most deep and dark secret. In the first week of school a teacher told me to look up Mies van der Rohe and not only that I didn't know how to spell it but I ... believed it was the title of a magazine. I said it! Still laughing? I'm crying!!! Am I banned now?
    If anyone is still reading...:
    In the second semester we started by measuring the room in which we lived. The next step was to give the room a specific ”˜function' (though it's not the best word), to turn it into a place. For example you could turn the room into a reading place, a sleeping place (but not a bedroom), a working place (but not a studio). It wasn't about creating furniture or how you could take more advantage of your room, but kind of more conceptual and maybe poetic. I made an ”˜isolation place' out of my room (liked it a lot though the presentation sucked). Received a lot of ironic comments from my friends regarding the purpose of this room (”˜of course, a room to isolate yourself, what else?!')

    And then there came our first house. An easy site, in an open spot in a forest, near a lake (unfortunately we couldn't relate to water). It was probably the project I enjoyed most. I was fascinated about how many things I had to take care of and never got tired of working on it. It's not that I hate my projects now, only I feel that was a special, enthusiastic, childhood-like period. Anyway, the project had a great feedback. Another reason for which I might have enjoyed that project so much was the collaboration with one of the teachers. She helped me evolve, even inspired me (though it sounds sleazy). The communication was the best I can imagine with a teacher. These also were probably the last projects which didn't create any chaos on the day with the deadline.

    Here you can choose among 2 different high schools: one focused on arts, the other one based on science and languages.
    My high school choice was math-physics. By the time I knew I wanted to study arch (to which I was introduced by a friend) I was in the 10th grade. The admission is actually an exam which includes descriptive geometry exercises and a still life (usually one object of glass, one metallic , one wooden - only in pencil). So the path everyone follows is taking private lessons ( I started in the 11th grade) The geometry was no prbl, drawing was a prbl. I started drawing for the first time during these lessons and the focus was to be able to draw at the exam and not to learn drawing. Let's say the teacher himself wasn't much of a drawer. Ever since drawing remained a problem. I keep promising myself to draw everyday like an hour but ... Anyway, I wanted to show you that there is nothing that prepares you for what is about to follow. The worst thing in the educational system is the lack of art classes. Until the 8th grade you have drawing and music classes, but they are the same with what you do in kindergarten. So, unless you are self taught or follow a special school, you have all chances of not having basic notions of culture at 18. I can't explain how it was back then for me, I am not sure why I didn't search up anything about architecture, don't know why my teacher never mentioned anything about arch during the lessons (although I figure this out). I didn't have internet (wow!).
    But in the end I consider myself lucky. At the faculty we had an arts class and my bf studied arts. This opened a whole new world for me, I am fascinated of it and only wish I would have found it earlier. Nevertheless most people don't have this luck and their imagination, creation, ability to see things and even the appetite for arts will never be woken up. I find this to be very sad!
    Great, I finished again with ”˜sad'..............

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    • brian buchalski

      hmm...i think i can relate to that. although i didn't have the imagination to supose that mies van der rohe was a magazine, i wasn't familiar with either him or le corbusier when i started arch school. i think the only architects that i had heard of were flw and im pei. you definitely have no reason to feel embarrassed since you're not the only one.

      also, i suffered from a lack of art & humanity courses during my childhood education and i made the mistake of starting in engineering school for three years before i realized that i could be an architect instead. i probably still haven't caught up yet but fortunately architects tend to have very long careers e.g. philip johnson, oscar niemeyer, etc.

      Oct 6, 05 1:27 pm

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