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    009/08/05/no ghost/just a shell/

    By Oana S.
    Sep 10, '05 7:25 PM EST

    One of the best part was the modern/contemporary art tour.
    Though I love/am interested in the latest creations I have to admit it is weird to look at them in the same day you saw michelangelo, raphael, da vinci etc. I don't try to make a comparison but you might miss the feeling inside of looking at something really big. As a friend said, back then people used to have rather superficial problems in the act of creation but their work was profound, today artists ask themselves extremly complicated things and end up with rather superficial work. Don't get me wrong I love koons, kiefer (and I love pop) etc. and I also love going to contemporary art exhibitions.
    The ”˜translation' at the palais de tokyo was kind of ”˜ok'. the place was great, the exhibition... not much. I left with the impression I saw the trailer of a movie but still waited for the movie itself. Then again, contemporary=not understandable? But today is history too soon so this can't be it. Are artist just fakers, pretending they have issues we (or probably just i) don't understand? in the end doesn't it depend on connections and maybe 5 persons in the whole world? Don't they dictate what we shall/shall not see? Are they the same people that decide the tv program? Is art anything more then a commercial product today?
    I'm not really authorized for this kind of discussion(I'm not sure I'm authorized for any kind of discussions, but then again...). These were rather random thoughts.
    The ”˜big bang' ”˜big bang' took me by surprise as it was a temporary exhibition but it was probably the best thing that could happen to me. You can find there a bit of everything, even architecture. No chance of getting bored!

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