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    By Oana S.
    Mar 6, '06 8:01 AM EST

    I've introduced you to the term ”˜botellon' now let's see how it's done.
    Since the first day I've been told that you don't go out before 22 o'clock (streets are empty) and if you are really cool you leave your home at 12. Several hours you drink on the streets: u get a beer from a bar or 1l bottles from supermarkets and then find your own spot in the street. At 1 or 2 you can search for a club, though 3 o'clock is the best time for that.
    Now, for me it's really not easy to conform to such a schedule. First: I hate standing. Second: drinking while standing is worse. Third: it's still cold. In any case do not, I repeat, do not try to convince locals of any other drinking options.
    But this blog wasn't supposed to be about drinking, so I'll try to get to the point.
    I've mingled in the crowd and tried the tricky way of finding parties: collect flyers and choose one. It actually worked.
    I got to an old building that used to be a school. {!^]?} {!^]?} {!^]?} {!^]?}. It had a very interesting architecture but you could tell it hasn't been used for ages. As you entered you expected to be in a hallway but I noticed very late, because of the rain that it was actually a patio. {!^]?} {!^]?} {!^]?}. I guess some people even live there. As any deserted building that got in the hands of the ”˜youth' (I don't find a proper word, but you get the idea) it was full of ”˜traces': writings on the walls, weird objects, beer bottles etc. I really loved the mix of elements. The empty old building, with traces of finishing's that gave you an idea of how it used to be, had something sad, melancholic in it. The presence of people was circumstantial and improvised: different pieces of furnishing, some flowers, various stickers and posters.
    From a pseudo rock band (chains, black leather etc) {!^]?}, a percussionist group with bongos (and two lovely dancers{!^]?}) to improvised flamenco{!^]?}, you could have a bit of everything. A very colorful crowd made a nice atmosphere {!^]?}. Picture projections/screening on the wall covered everything from Duchamp's urinal to Munch, Gaugain, global warming, war, peace, ecology to kamasutra drawings.The dreadlocks were unleashed and I guess you can imagine how the ”˜air' smelled. Is it underground? No, but it has that flavor.

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    • vado retro

      rock n roll history lesson/plastic exploding inevitable/

      and get warm girl...i;m definitely missin our weekend conversation

      Mar 6, 06 11:33 pm

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