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    absolut timisoara

    By Oana S.
    Apr 6, '05 8:22 AM EST

    The most beautiful buildings in timisoara, the town I live in, come from 2 periods: either the 17-18th century (built by the austrians), or the first half of the 20th century.
    The constructions from the first period, that are not around the town center are mostly in ruin. Most people that live in those buildings are either very old, poor or gipsies (a theme I'll post later about). So, instead of having a ‘elite' space, filled with the memory of the place, with a romantic atmosphere, we have a”¦ ghetto. Nevertheless, the whole process of restoring these areas, to turn them into tourist attractions isn't that easy, as it contains a social factor. The photos below show some of these areas in restoration.
    ok, this isn't what i promised above. this are some views from the road to that neighbourhood. about 100 meters from where a live there used to be a big industrial area. for the last years 5 (or more) nothing is working here anymore. now there is a big investement in some office and apartment buildings, but things are moving rather slow. these are images of the demolition.
    that is what used to be a nice river that crosses the city. there is a project sponsored by the UE that involves its rehabilitation. still under development.
    this is taken from the bridge in the previous photo. it looks like right after WW2.
    the austrians organised the whole city with parallel and perpendicular roads. here, a important road that crossed the river is partially closed and instead was built a market.
    i liked the remains of the old comercial in hungarian above the new ones.
    room with a view.
    this is what we call the Traian square.
    same area.
    this is a random picture from town and i l'iked' tha garages are displayed.
    i'll post more pictures on the subject in the next two blogs.


    • Mason White

      thanks for the pics of timisoara! (its like having a guided tour without leaving my office.)

      Apr 6, 05 10:52 am

      it looks like prague meets detroit

      Apr 6, 05 3:56 pm
      Oana S.
      green umbrella! follow my green umbrella so you don't mix up with other tourists! : )

      Apr 7, 05 6:32 am

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