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    By Oana S.
    Sep 20, '05 6:04 AM EST

    I have to say villa savoye was probably the best / most intense experience in the whole trip. It looks great in the nundreds of photos you have seen everywhere but it feels perfect when you walk through it. It's like a huge puzzle and every piece sliped to the right spot. Everything is in the right place. In the same time, the house is extremely playfull. You have to love it.
    The best part is that on technical details you notice that this house was way ahead of it's time. Also when you see photos of the owner in her house... it is amazing that savoye was conceived almost 100 years ago. And I'll stop here ”˜cause words seem stupid when they try to express such a strong impression.
    Villa La Roche was next. I just think that a place like the picture gallery without any pictures is not complete. in the same time some rooms were closed for visitors. Anyway, again, walking through it and with a little effort picturing how it would be to live in it... no more words.
    this is just a curiosity of mine. does anyone read other blogs except for the last 3 ones posted in the discussions?


    • Darren Hodgson

      Totally agree with you Oana, us bloggers welcome comments, no comments makes us wonder if anyone actually reads all of our blogs.

      C'mon guys make comments short or long, all are welcome, make us feel wanted...


      Sep 20, 05 6:45 am
      vado retro

      i never read blogs. i dont know how this comment got here.

      Sep 20, 05 7:28 am

      I put it there. sorry.

      Sep 20, 05 9:53 am

      great post!

      don't worry guys - there are LOTS of people reading your blogs. on Archinect it's usually a good sign if you don't get many comments ;)

      Sep 20, 05 12:56 pm

      nice..keep them coming!

      Sep 21, 05 8:20 am

      lol Paul

      I do like Villa Roche - I think of my biggest corb influences asside from la tourette and roschamp. Its the contrast of colour against the white, making use of the shadows on the surface. Brilliant

      and yes Oana way ahead of its time

      Sep 25, 05 12:59 pm

      Oana --

      I know this is an old topic, but I thought I would comment. I totally agree about savoye. I saw it in person this summer and was totally in love with it. Something you realize when you visit is how perfect the scale is. For some reason it seemed larger to me on paper. Probably because some clumsy idea of how the ramp would be proportioned. In reality, it's adorable and perfect.

      I wish I had gotten into Roche-Jeanneret. Our group of 40 scrambled to get there before it closed on the day we weere scheduled to see it, and only 12 of us were allowed in... I was not in the chosen few. I studied it in some depth last year and really wanted to see thte curved ramp in the gallery. Thanks for the pics, they are hard to find, it is not widely published.

      I enjoy reading your blog. I have a blog as well, and I've recently become convinced that I'm being too stiff and dry. You have inspired me to loosen up...
      Sep 17, 06 3:52 pm

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