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    Do you have an urge?

    By Oana S.
    Jan 5, '06 4:56 PM EST share your unique experiences with one of the largest architectural audiences in the world?

    Back when i felt this question was addressed to me ( it kept echoing in my head ) i said to myself 'why not'? I completed the application like i had completed several online formulars before,but never quite expecting an email, a response, a gesture, anything at all. Did I know what a blog was? Not really, but i thought i would figure it out (still ain't sute about it). Did I have at least information about a school worth writing about? No, but i considered it depends on how you look at it. It's supposed to be in English, right? Well, it would be easier if I could mime, but my English based on some movie quotes, some bad lyrics, some 'you know' and 'stuff' should do it.And last but not least, some knowledge about architecture wouldn't have hurt before applying for an arch blog. But who ever took into consideration the possible consequences of completing an online application ?

    I totally forgot about it til I got an email from Paul that scared the **** out of me. It said: 'If you are receiving this email it means that (...) you have been chosen as a new member of the school blog "army".' (if you use yahoo messenger check for the 'surprised' smiley).
    Ok, now what?
    I started shy and left handed. Looked around me and searched for anything worth writing about and googled for pictures. Pretty formal and clumsy.
    Later on I discovered everything can be worth writing about and started to take my own pictures. Probably too personal.
    Now, almost one year later, around the 90th blog (not that I would be counting, or anything), I realise I have checked in almost every 4 days.
    Addiction, catharsis, call you as you like. But in a reverse gesture or as a counter effect I hope it's been the same for you.

    Thank you to you and 'get a life' to myself!

    Oana, live from Paris

    To be continued.


    • liberty bell

      Oana, I am addicted to your blog, and it has provided me catharsis (in the form of tears shed on my keyboard) more than once.

      Thank you for diving into the unknown blog-pool - we have all benefited from your boldness!

      Now turn off the computer and go enjoy Paris girlfriend!!!

      Jan 5, 06 5:06 pm
      vado retro

      ouioui enjoy paree

      Jan 5, 06 6:25 pm
      brian buchalski

      thank you oana

      Jan 6, 06 12:33 am

      Welcome in Paris! I guess you like it since, if I remember well, you already came last summer...
      What's up? are you working here? looking for a job? just for holydays?
      Let me now if I can help...
      Good luck to you...

      Jan 6, 06 6:15 am
      Oana S.

      extended holydays :)
      thank you!

      Jan 6, 06 5:29 pm

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