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    By Oana S.
    Mar 15, '05 5:36 AM EST

    i haven't told u anything yet about my new project as i had no pictures. today i'll go on the site and soon i'll tell you more. until then i give you, exclusively (!), some pictures from my home studio (to say so ).
    i'm living with a graphic/ web designer. as u can see i was on archinect.
    that is a painting i really love. it's from the 70s.
    this is my little friend who sits on the screen. always makes me laugh!
    god is in the 'detail'.
    few books.
    a painting i made. as u can see it is on the ground. i can only say that no one this days recognizes and truly appreciates real ART.
    look what i found on my folder. have i just contributed to smth bad by buying a folder?
    i noticed u like riddles. Anyone recognizes this fellow?


    • vado retro

      are you reading one of my posts on archinect??? the painting looks like a very up close portion of a chuck close painting. that bust is of julius caesar who forgot to beware the ides of march, which is today! gasp...

      Mar 15, 05 6:58 am
      Oana S.

      which post exactly? i try to keep up but there are just too many of them!
      and no, its not caesar! it's no architect neither.

      Mar 15, 05 8:39 am

      is it goethe?

      Mar 15, 05 11:48 am
      Oana S.

      we have a winner! congratulations!

      Mar 15, 05 1:49 pm
      vado retro

      a correct answer is like an affectionate kiss...herr goethe.

      a woman with a pierced tongue is like a slice of heaven...herr schiller

      Mar 15, 05 6:08 pm

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