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    pride vs prejudice

    By Oana S.
    Mar 7, '06 8:21 AM EST

    I just wanted to settle a thing. People tend to believe that southern Spain is all about fiesta and siesta. I admit I didn't really help with my previous posts neither. But the thing is that it's not really like that. This school for example, is pretty hard: students have a very busy schedule and are working quite a lot. Yes, they know better how to party, but that doesn't exclude the working part.
    So, after 3 weeks of wandering from class to class, in order to see what's going on in each course, I've chosen my combination.
    Spanish - this shouldn't be a surprise. Anyway, it has a certain resemblance to kindergarten as we are 30 in a class and it's really hard to actually get to say something. So, we yell it in chorus... and we have homework. Sweeeeeeeeeet.
    Los sistemas de Espacios Públicos. Paisaje Urbano. - Real nice teacher. We study a site in Sevilla and have to create a park. I usually have some trouble and don't really know where to start with these kind of things, so I can really use the practice.
    Arquitectura y Medio Ambiente. - we had to choose one of two houses and analyze them according to what we are taught in class. I preferred the Bryant House, Rural Studio and I am real glad I did, because I didn't know anything about Rural Studio before. Still at the research part, but love it.
    Historia de la Arquitectura Iberoamericana. - This is a class which is great. I won't really sign in as it has an exam, and even though I hope to master my Spanish by then, I try to avoid being stupid in written. I know this from foreign students that came to Romania. It really sounds bad when you just hint the words, as interesting as your ideas may be. So I'll just attend the class, for my own fun.
    Levantamiento y Análisis de Edificios. - I'm not sure what to say about this one. Until now we have talked mainly about drawing, its importance, the way we get to understand them etc. we might have to analyse a building during class.
    Los Materiales, Tecnicas, Sistemas y Procedimientos Constructivos a traves del siglo XX - I have been only once, so I'll let you know more as soon as I do. The title pretty much sums it up.
    Introduccion a la Teeoria e Historia del Espacio Escenico y del Edificio Teatral - this is probably the best of all: the teacher is really great and the course also. We also have to pick a book and do a theatre scenery for it. After several ideas I stopped at Kafka´s Trial. Here you have an example of what Jose did.
    Proceso Proyectual Digital - We had a short introduction into SIG (I think iy´s GIS in English) and will have some classes in Architectural Desktop. Reason: a practical class is really welcome.
    This is pretty much it. I chose the subjects so that I can study something interesting (teacher also is important in the equation), have time left to travel and see things and eventually time for a job.
    Theory is easy. Let's see how things are developing.

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    • aml

      actually, that sounds like a lot of classes, and you're just adjusting to spanish?!?! but you sound like you're enjoying yourself. have fun!

      Mar 8, 06 4:57 pm

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