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    absolut shop window

    By Oana S.
    Apr 6, '05 9:35 AM EST

    here are some of the shop windows that strangely survived in time.
    nice decoration!
    sweets and drinks. i love the font!
    oups! my bf takeing the pic! as i like to say... 'god is in the detail'


    • aml

      Oana, loving the pics. Probably my first view of Romania, but felt like walking the streets with a friend [a friend with a good eye for details]. Great job.

      Apr 6, 05 12:07 pm
      the righteous fist

      that tv needs some feeding, great windows

      Apr 6, 05 6:12 pm
      Oana S.

      i'll try to show some other views, better ones, asap.
      only you should know, these pictures don't stand up for the whole country. imagine that the austrian 'invasion' is the best thing that happened to this part of ro (we're talking about n v part of the country). the rest had much more of turkish and oriental influences. now, timisoara was like the local capital. it was also called 'little viena' and it stands out in all cities that were under the austrians.

      Apr 7, 05 6:32 am

      Oana, nice photos indeed. It was interesting to see trough your "eyes" places that I already know, as we live in the same city.
      On the "old shops" subject : i was surprised to discover in one of the areas where you took the pics (traian) a coffee shop, where there are large glass boxes full with nice smelling beans. :)

      Apr 10, 05 3:46 pm

      Me again.
      I just read all your posts... instead of working on my project :)
      I'm not sure how could I comment on it, in order not to make it sound bad. I guess you just brightened my day, or maybe week :) As you said in the first post (or was it the second?), the school in Timisoara doesn't really compare with other architecture schools in Europe and USA, but it's impressive to see (/read) how you brought a bit of shining by presenting it in a more or less positive light. Not complaining too much... And not just the school, the city as well...
      Probably the only way to finish the school sane, "richer" (not talking about money) and clean, is really really ignore lots of things you hear and see inside the school, and after realising arch is IT, do your stuff, and try to build yourself alone. Does it work? Don't know.. still experimenting it :)
      Well.. i guess it sounds bad after all, sorry about that.
      I should stop talking about negative things and concentrate on what's , potentialy at least, good.
      I'm curious about your next post.

      Apr 10, 05 5:14 pm
      Oana S.

      well... i was actually afraid this would happen!

      anyway, good luck to your H&M project. for me it was the best, most fun & important exercise in school.

      Apr 11, 05 4:37 am

      what do you mean by "this"?
      Apr 11, 05 5:38 am
      Oana S.

      blowing my cover...

      Apr 11, 05 2:23 pm

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