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    By Oana S.
    Apr 17, '05 9:07 AM EST

    At school things are finally getting a shape. I'm not sure yet whether my project is total crap or really nice. Today I enjoy the last one.

    Here are more or less random thoughts. After some heavy discussions with several people I've been asking myself some serious questions about materials, people, menthalities, life (just a tiny subject). For example tadao's concrete. Could you (personally) live in such a house? I would try it! Though I'm pretty fascinated by the idea (I'm positive that I would like it) I know lots of people who wouldn't. A concrete house is very.. spectacular, artistic, like a scene, a sculpture itself. But is it compatible with a normal lifestyle? Is it enough to be an artist or have exclusive tastes in order to enjoy it? Does it have too much personality?
    Such a house looks always good in pictures. I'm reffering only too residential homes out of concrete.
    Just thinking”¦
    A friend described making houses out of concrete like a trap for arch beginners.
    Is it just one of many things architects impose out of artistic matters without thinking at the consequences?
    Don't get me wrong, I don't doubt or question tadao or his work. That would be hillarious.
    I'm not sure, probably for the wrong reasons, I imagine living in such a house may even depend on people's mentality.

    The funniest thing with the freshmen is when they try to make everything round (from walls to roof). They are fanatic about curves and imagine that everything that is visually unusual, has to be great arch. Well, I was wondering if there isn't a same trap with concrete.

    And now some random pics.
    samples of experiments: home made paper
    since we're at home made stuff...
    view of a street (wise commentary, you can tell it's sunday!). the orange spot you see backward is a new building. if you won't be nice, i'll show it to you. and trust me, you don't want to.
    close up
    this is the police's courtyard. in the back you see a devastated flat. It's gonna be demolished but some people still live there (there's no energy, no water). And further back the church i mentioned in the 'absolute' posts.
    a sad street light
    there is this advertising campaign: if you put such a heart on your window, you can win smth. the facades are full of them. nobody would have thought so many people are into it.

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