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    By Oana S.
    Mar 22, '05 3:05 PM EST

    as i tried to upload some pics for the previous blog, my internet connection broke down. great! i hope it will work this time!
    this was how i saw it. i stopped somewhere after the rock and before the trees. though, as i look at this drawing, i'm sure i hit my head.
    Here are some pictures from the resort. It is really nice, the constructions that are a couple of centuries old make a very interesting atmosphere.
    in case you want to do some real estate bussines. A hotel built in 1905, very much alike with the building above, cca. 60 rooms = 425.000 Euro.
    Peles Castle, from around 1880

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    • vado retro

      nice drawing oana! make sure you put that one in your portfolio. glad you didnt die!!

      Mar 22, 05 11:10 pm

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