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    sanatorium vs sanitarium part1

    By Oana S.
    May 7, '05 2:44 PM EST

    During my holiday, back at home, we took a short trip. Among several other spooky things we came across a ”˜nice' piece of architecture. It's a sanatorium for lung diseases (in the area there used to be several coal mines and heavy industry) build in the 50s. As we got there we didn't expect to find anyone around. But there was a man who asked us who we where looking for. We explained we were just going for a walk (hard to imagine when you see the view) so he threatened not to take any pictures. Sure.

    Have you ever played ”˜sanitarium'?

    The place looks like it just survived a recent war.The shock was that at sory 2 and 3, on the balcony there where some people. I suppose they were under medical treatment. Everything was silent. Nearby there is a house in which the administrator with his family lives, it gives some ”˜live' to the place. But the sanatorium is way too impressive, way to ”˜dead'.

    We felt like in a really bad movie: your car breakes down, you have to sleep there, they tell you they've been waiting for you, just another thriller. Creepy scenarios that had a lot of real potential. In addition we were making photos, though were not allowed to (maybe the administator sees us, freaks out and locks us here ?!).

    I don't remember to have felt another place's atmosphere so strong. Kafka would have been at home there!
    I'm not sure whether the photos will have the same impact, but the experience sure did. A sanatorium build as monumental as if it was the parliament's house, in the middle of nowhere. Just like a smile on a dead body. In addition everything seemed to fall appart, people in the middle of it wondering what you are doing there, you wondering whether they are real. I expected my watch to stop and was under the impression once I got there, I couldn't go away.
    these pics where taken from the road, further down.

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    • David Cuthbert

      lovely design though very modern chic

      May 8, 05 9:21 pm

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