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    By Oana S.
    Mar 29, '05 8:01 AM EST

    Another deadline. At restoration. I've studied the catholic cathedral from timisoara, placed in the most popular urban square. They started it's restoration 1 year ago, but still have a lot to do. Unless my connection breakes down once again, you might see some pictures.
    this is a satelit picture of the square. it was build during the 18th century (baroque) by the austrians. on the lower left corner you might recognize a simetrical roof. it's the church, built between 1736 and 1803.
    on the picture from the upper right corner you can see hoe the church looked before they started working on it.
    some major damages on the north side.
    3 examples of before and after.
    major damages have been caused by pigeons.
    though the structure and walls are from brick, the cornice and some decorations (i miss the right words) are made out of stone, which was covered for protection. they left a piece of the original stone apparent.
    that's how it looks today. after analyzing all they did 'til today, this restauration turn out as a succes, in opposition with the last one from 1980. Still, as always, they could have done some better work.

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    • AP

      damn pigeons

      Mar 29, 05 1:15 pm

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