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    live from Seville

    By Oana S.
    Feb 27, '06 8:03 AM EST

    The tourist reflex
    So I am in Seville.
    First impressions? Well, I suppose after two weeks I can speak already about second impressions. The third ones are coming soon and are expected to be the best.
    First I want to explain something. While getting in contact with friends I noticed everybody expected something ”˜it's great, right?'. And if I said ”˜yeah, sure but also...' I got the harsh reply ”˜come one, stop being negative and enjoy'.
    So, to clarify things: Spain is great, this opportunity is an interesting and fascinating experience, I enjoy it and am happy to have this chance. But I won't write in every blog ”˜wow, this is great' but simply will try to observe things and people. Please don't understand my train of thoughts as negativity or pessimism ”˜cause it isn't anything alike. Even if my observations are sometimes ironic, sarcastic or just a different view (am I complementing myself?), they are all coming with a smile.
    Where were we? First impressions. It's hard to express the whole picture without any pictures, ”˜cause they would have sad far more then I am able to. Note: I might complain pretty often about this camera thing in the future, so instead of just annoying you with that I will fill with {!^]?}.
    {!^]?} {!^]?}{!^]?}{!^]?}
    First days where spent on the quest to find an apartment (alquilar un piso). Something like this gives you a very abrupt introduction to the local people and way of life. Imagine you would know only few Spanish words, understand some more but have to speak on the phone and settle a meeting with a Sevillian. I tell you, it is possible. In the same time, the quest for an apartment is like an intensive crash course in Sevillian urbanism: first ”˜cause you know the important areas, you get to see very different apartments and you cross the whole city (unwillingly, I might add). For me it was weird to have to run on all those streets and pass all the views without being able to just stop, look around and enjoy (and eventually {!^]?}, if you know what I mean). The tourist reflex is alive and tempts me to {!^]?}, rush around and see as much as possible in every second. I keep telling myself I'll be here for another 5 month (4 month and 2 weeks, to be specific), but it doesn't work. It's not very easy to fool myself these days.

    It's my first time when I experience a city as Seville and a country as Spain. I've traveled through Europe, but ”˜European' is not the right term for this region. Germany, France as fascinating as they are, they always had something familiar. But this is a totally new thing - an oriental spice mixed with a hot climate, some western flavor and a local ”˜something'. {!^]?}


    • rutger

      You're back : )
      I missed you Oana

      Feb 27, 06 9:07 am
      brian buchalski

      isn't there a famous barber in seville? or am i thinking of something else?

      Feb 27, 06 12:22 pm
      brian buchalski

      yeah, i think this is the guy that i'm thinking of...

      good ol' brutus "the barber" beefcake

      Feb 27, 06 12:39 pm

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