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    why learn when u can write for the school blog?

    By Oana S.
    Jan 23, '05 12:10 PM EST

    well... i just said i have an exams on tuesday ,but...
    ok, so let me tell you how my last semester was..
    i thought a lot about my post here... whether this is in any perspective interesting to you or many don't even consider clickng on 'arch school Romania'. i came to following conclusions: i probably can't compare my school with any other from usa/eu, most of my teachers are not-working architects, some though have intenational experience and are even well informed, lectures from known arch don't ever happen (two years ago Botta came to Bucharest and it was like wow!, though i don't think he really is like wow!). that's why student's from Ro usually apply for scholarships in EU after 1/2 years. i, for example, hope to get to germany by next year (german is my mother language, so it wouldn't be a prbl). but, all in all, we have acces to information, read the same books(maybe less FLW), visit the venice biennale , apply to the same magazines.

    now... each semester, in our workshops we have to realise a project like a house, nursery home, social houses and now a mini mall. i'm not sure something like that exists, but they don't care. the teacher in charge is the know-it-all kind, who tells u your stupid and you will hunger and u are waisting air, but above all his time. the discussions with him resume to his monologues which end on a different topic then they started. ok, i shall stop here. anyway, what started as a minimall turned into a megamall. since the workshops extended over a longer period of time then supposed, the deadline overlapped with other deadlines. so for the last 2 weeks i've been sleeping 4 hours/night and working all day long. my hand has the shape of a mouse. in addition yesterday we had a 'one day project' which means we had to make a house during one day... conceptual arch, they call it. anyway, being creative after 2 weeks of no sleep is almost impossible! almost!in adition this period overlapped with the redecoration of my new appartment and studio. this wasn't an easy job at all, taking into account that the worker doesn't make a difference between hidro and thermal insulation( cheap workers!).
    u might understand now why the exams seem light.
    i promise i'll show u soon some pictures of the ap and of my school.

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