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    sweet and sour

    By Oana S.
    Jun 20, '06 6:41 AM EST

    cred ca e mai misto sa fii alcoolic in europa decat orice in romania. sau aproape.
    anyway, e prea tare aici si noi frecam plua in romania :( ma scuzati :)

    In the end it is a pretty sad conclusion... I look around and see the desire to live abroad in all my friends' eyes. We weren't like that. We grew up without asking us if the country is good or not, without wondering if we could find a better one or not.
    We promised ourselves we wouldn't get like our parents, buried under the weight of the problems, beaten up by the vicious circle of trying to earn something decent.

    Half of my high school colleagues are working in areas not related to their studies (they look much older then their age). The others are wondering if it is worth it... And my most courageous one is a volunteer. My mom calls me, upset after watching the news, telling me it is crazy, stay were you are. My aunt who ran away to Italy during Ceausescu, tells me: ”˜if I could back then, then you can too'.

    Having some German roots, my parents could have left Romania before ”˜89 and move to Germany. All their friends did. They had the papers in their hands. But, naive as they were, they sad ”˜it's going to be better here too!'. Now, facing their daughter's decision to abandon studies and move to another country, they can't say anything. On the one hand they want to stop me, knowing that it takes some guts and hard times. On the other hand, they wish they would have done it long time ago...

    pics are actually stolen from my brother :)

    In the end I love it: I love the fact that you can buy fresh, natural (!) fruits and vegetables, I love that you don't have yet that much artificiality, I love the places I grew up, I love the simple, untouched places where we used to go, I love the small communities of people struggling to organize things at an international standard, I love the improvisations you have to make, I love the small joys, I love the fresh milk and cream you can buy from peasants, I love parazitii and their unique humor, irony and attitude which is possible only in Romania, I love the simplicity of the God forgotten villages and how they live in their own world, I love the authenticity of some people, I love the creativity of others. The weird thing is that it is not a country in which living conditions are that bad, it is not about surviving, but about wanting more.


    I am lucky because in architecture it is fortunately not that hard to find a job. Studios are always looking for slaves; slaves are always looking for bosses.
    I told my friends to come for a year and waitress all together in Barcelona. Or in some forgotten village at the sea. What a luxury that would be...

    I accidentally put my watch this morning on the right hand, and now it feels stupid to wear it on the left...


    • brian buchalski

      hmm...the romanian inferiority complex reminds me a bit of living in the american middle west.

      you can't leave are the whole reason i dream about moving to make it sound soooo exotic and swept with romance, how could i not want to make an attempt?

      Jun 20, 06 9:18 am

      another very readable post oona

      Jun 20, 06 9:31 am
      oana - sorry ;-)
      Jun 20, 06 9:32 am
      vado retro

      puddles in romania. christ oana's parents will never get her back!!!

      Jun 20, 06 6:04 pm
      brian buchalski

      i'm going to go...and you can't stop me. so what if i'm only 15 years old, i'm in lllloooovvveee!!!!

      i'm gonna marry oana and then we'll move into a fancy graphics romanian castle with one hundred rooms including one that will just be for us to sit in and talk about how lame vado retro is...and neither you or some dumb customs officials are gonna stop this!

      yeah! yeah! yeah!

      (repeat 3x)

      ...and neither you or some dumb customs officials are gonna stop this!

      yeah! yeah! yeah!

      and then oana and i are gonna agree how dumb it is to sit in a room and talk about how lame vado retro is with his fashion malls...and his tgi fridays...and his cars...and then oana and i are going to smile and go outside and ride around romania on our pastel-hued unicorns

      (repeat 3x)

      ...and neither you or some dumb customs officials are gonna stop this!

      yeah! yeah! yeah!

      and then oana and i are gonna have a picnic where we'll only talk about flowers especially only by their latin names like saxifraga oppositifolia and then we'll wait for the rainbow before crossing over to the magic land where richie hawtin is collaborating with the concretes and we're all part of that fairy tale elite race of people just like prince philip and princess madelaine of sweden and oooooh it's gonna be sweet

      (repeat only 1x)

      ...and neither you or some dumb customs officials are gonna stop this!


      okay, gotta run now since it's tuesday night and the wickedest happy this side of the international dateline has already started over at gracie's...let's see if i can survive another one

      ciao, ciao und ha det bra!

      Jun 20, 06 8:27 pm
      vado retro

      puddles you are a viola tricolor hortensis!

      Jun 20, 06 9:02 pm
      vado retro

      if u knew...
      her dog's name
      her greek friends name
      the book she's reading
      her favorite movie
      well why bother cuz u dont...

      Jun 20, 06 9:07 pm


      sounds like you have only one true choice, and also that you have already made that choice.

      best of luck. keep us aware of your progress.

      Jun 21, 06 1:27 am

      I need to stop reading school blogs.

      hasslehoff makes me want to hit japan.
      oana makes me want to hit europe.
      and puddles makes me want to hit him over the head with a brick.

      Jun 21, 06 3:12 am
      the cellardoor whore

      oana immaculata

      immigration, migration and third world economies are not novel. i wonder what romanian soap operas are like. you can be untouched elsewhere too.

      Jun 21, 06 7:47 am

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