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    sunday- sonntag- dimanche- domenica- domingo- psyche is shit

    By Oana S.
    Feb 5, '06 7:51 AM EST

    one of the funniest things on museum tours (especially in places like Louvre) is the 'interaction' with other tourists. you can probably find prototypes of all nations in this world. and it's nice to observe them, to notice typical behaviours: the asians are always tight together, just follow the flash, eastern europeans are indentifiable by the language that you'll find intriguing and have a rather humble/ clumsy appearence, they might look amazed at the asian guys' cameras, europeans are different according to the country they come from.
    and the americans... well, you'll have to tell me that.
    anyway, i found myself staring at 'Eros and Psyche' when i heard a female voice saying 'This is it, man! This is where the shit is, man!'.
    I'm sure this was the most succinct and descriptive definition of art i have ever heard.

    and here is the good news:


    • and the americans... well, you'll have to tell me that.

      i'm not sure that you've convinced me that she's cornered the market on art criticism making all others irrelevant, but in this woman you certainly made it clear that we don't have to tell you anything at all about the behaviors and characteristics of americans. the shit is at the louvre, indeed...

      Feb 5, 06 10:39 am

      love canova...thank you!

      Feb 5, 06 10:55 am

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