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    isn´t it supposed to be warm?!

    By Oana S.
    Feb 27, '06 8:05 AM EST

    ”˜According to +q´s theory I am a mountain person. Here are 17 C in February, orange tress (with orange oranges) and palm trees on the streets (I know it was obvious it would be like this but I was always surrounded by conifers ”˜til now). ”˜
    The lines above were written in the first days after the arrival. Today there are less then 10C during the day, much less during night and it's been raining for over 12 hours. Rain is not necessarily a bad thing. It is a little worse when you are surrounded by palms and they don't need refreshment, but when they cancel the carnival in Cadiz because of it...
    Isn't it supposed to be warm?????????????!!!!!! I packed clothes according to this expectation.
    Last year a friend of mine studied in Portugal and in winter she wrote to me that she was freezing as they didn't have heating there ”˜cause it is warm, but it was actually pretty cold. I laughed.
    I'm not laughing anymore.
    I am sleeping with 2-3 t-shirts, a sleeping bag and a blanket. And I still am cold. A part of the school is also not heated......... One thing I know for sure: it is not warm, it is god damn cold. Only places to escape are the library and the computer room. Which brings me to another delicate subject: internet in a ratio. If you had to choose, how much time on the internet / day or week would be vital to you - just enough so that you don't feel haunted be the expiration time?! Well, as I don't have internet at ”˜home' (not that I would have a laptop ), I am entitled to amazing 2 hours internet / day - it might seem enough to some of you, but trust me it's very little. Not to mention the continuous reminder:”˜you have only x min left'. From this perspective I'm in rehab, but in the initial phase, the tough one, with denial and still fighting against it.
    I can't believe how it's raining here. And the door and the windows don't even close 100%, after all, why should they. It's hot!!!
    Yes, I am going to school, that's why I am here. At first i attend several classes in order to be able to choose the one I like. Landing here only in the second semester, I am not allowed to take the project studio, so it's more about theoretical classes. ”˜til now mostly introductory courses, but I'll keep you updated. I found it funny how I read on archinect that Zaha is coming to town, but didn't hear a thing here. But I guess this is what makes Archinect special.
    Spanish is unfortunately not coming as a software (or my internal computer is too slow for today's technology - consider something like not having USB) and I have to get rid of that stupid ”˜do you speak English?' question, but slowly things are making sense. A friend of mine had a similar experience and when I asked her how she managed to learn the new language she said ”˜on the street'. I was a bit suspicious as she went there for studies but in the next paragraph you'll see how it all makes sense. Though how can you learn Spanish when it's soooooooo coooooold?! I suppose over a month ( I wish ) or 2 I'll be writing that it is an impossible heat. Hypocrite!
    Probably one of the most captivating and fascinating things are the people: I have never seen such a relaxed atmosphere in an entire city. And I don't mean it in the ”˜only fiesta, no work' way I had heard about before. Since we are at it I have to thank Jose for his continuous assistance. I can't remember seeing any upset or mad person... Wait, I'm lying, I saw a girl crying on the street but you know, the word ”˜Corazon' puts things in a different perspective. The first Thursday after we arrived we were told students are celebrating the last exams, the ending of the first semester. It was kind of hard not to notice it ”˜cause the whole street with the school was full of people standing around and drinking. {!^]?}This is the national sport. And I mean sport, it's not easy to stand on your feet and drink from 14 to...............The busses change the route, on the side with the bars everybody is drinking, on the other one they are ... letting it out, so to speak. {!^]?} This Thursday it was the same story: some say because of the last exams (I suspect they might still partying over the winter semester in June), others don't remember why and the sincere ones say they don't need a reason. Even a teacher asked us why we picked the early class, as Seville is all about fiesta. Hmmmmmmmmmm. Besides the traditional student behavior, some more details: they park without pulling the brake, so that you can push the car if it blocks your way - some end up pushing several cars, like a huge domino; at 14 o'clock everybody is on the street or at lunch and are drinking beer - not on Saturday or Sunday but every day, beer starting from 14; they are wearing gloves at 10 C, I even saw a dressed up cocker spaniel at 14C; they are ”˜ola'-ing simply everyone, in every circumstances - I am surprised they don't say it when getting on the bus; they are extremely friendly and helpful - when you have a map in your hand they stop and ask whether they can help; the first night we arrived the whole bus was giving us directions.
    I didn't meant for it to sound like ”˜they' but the people in this city are great.
    Another great thing I almost forgot: the El Croquis for 50 or 60 Euro. Of course, this is great when you have those bucks, but still.
    My 2 hours are up........


    • Medit

      no, its not warm until spring/summer... the problem then is that it goes too warm -- but heavy/constant rain in Andalusia > that's more unusual (bad luck, in this case)

      I can’t remember seeing any upset or mad person

      you bring up in a conversation anything related to politics -specially basques and catalans- and you've got a chance to see people mad at you if you're "against" their position..

      the whole street with the school was full of people standing around and drinking

      that's commonly called botellón (=drinking outside because of the expensive prices at bars and because sometimes, mostly in summer, its enough 'warm' out in the streets)

      and yes, this is not Europe -specially the mid and south parts of the iberian peninsula-.. not yet I guess.. maybe someday in the (distant) future

      Feb 27, 06 8:28 am
      Oana S.

      I was saying in the good way that it is not Europe.
      I know i´´s called botellon, just didn´t know how to spell it. :)

      Feb 27, 06 8:33 am
      brian buchalski

      i've heard that the best way to learn a language is in the bars because people tend to talk more loudly and in simple terms with lots of gesticulation because of the noise. of course, this hasn't really worked for me yet...but maybe if i stopped going to american bars i would do better.

      also, philip johnson always claimed that he learned german the "horizontal way"...i haven't had much luck with that method either.

      Feb 27, 06 12:51 pm

      phillipo johnson is always a revelation. hilarious.

      sounds fun oana. very jealous. enjoy!

      Feb 27, 06 6:54 pm
      liberty bell

      Oana, I can feel the cold weather in your post, and here is how: your words are spilling out as if you are typing as fast as possible between shivering and pulling your scarf tighter around you and your sleeves down over your fingers to keep your hands a bit warmer. Which is how I work in the freezing cold basement office!

      Hang in there, as you say, it will soon enough get so warm you will be wishing fo a cool breeze.

      Feb 27, 06 10:22 pm
      I was saying in the good way that it is not Europe.

      it would say it both in the good and the 'bad' way, frankly..
      Feb 28, 06 3:48 am

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