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    By Oana S.
    Jan 28, '05 5:55 AM EST

    it's great to live in a country of whom people know one thing: dracula lived here. great. u know: dark clouds, heavy rain, grey ambiance, ruins, lots of dogs, upset people, no vegetation, and of course, according to the director's sick mind , some weird 'beings'. i almost forgot blood.bu hu hu hu hu.
    no, i'm not planning on talking about dracula. actually i was just doing a hollywood kind of publicity stunt to get more people to read my blogs. did it work? just wondering.
    now back to bussines.
    don't you just sometimes wonder, what is it with architecture and architects? is it all worth it? the sleepless nights(everyone knows them, right?), the stress, the lack of time, watching your friends go out and you saying 'i have to finish my project' (they still don't believe me), explaining each time arch is a nice thing, we kind of sacrifice so that YOU can live in a better world, the subjectivity of 'i like it' (me)and 'i hate it'(usually the boss), one day waking up and not recognizing your children (how long did i sleep?). and still we love it! i mean, we know it sucks, it definitelly does, but still...
    after the first 2 years of study i felt like arch is IT! not just for me, but IT. the most wonderful thing to do, to learn about, to work on. fascinating, exciting, creative... what more could u want? i was even recommending people to study it. now, it's different. i often miss that feeling. i don't pursue people anymore. i tell them to think twice. often i feel my life's a total mess, but hey, my project is done and my files are in perfect order. i try to explain my best friend i want to get to know more, to learn, to work for it and she asks me "what are you going to do then, when you know more? ".she took me by surprise.
    but then, there are those moments. when after a week of hard work and no sleep, i'm walking home. not driving, just walking. i sit for a minute in a park, or in a market... just sitting there and watching people hurrying along, laughing, running(u know, people). then i take a deep breath, put a smile upon my face. yes, it's worth it. it sucks, but it's IT!


    • e909
      sleepless nights(everyone knows them, right?)

      sure, but don't vampires sleep during the day?
      Feb 10, 05 4:50 pm
      Oana S.

      hey... u're good!
      transilvania is actually the opposite of what they say in movies but since romania sounded creepy enough...
      it's night here so i'll go hunting!

      Feb 11, 05 2:53 pm

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