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    dear diary,

    By Oana S.
    May 8, '05 1:18 PM EST

    i thought to post some more pics from the neighbourhoods before i leave town.enjoy.
    imageimageimage This town used to live through industry and its coal mines. Today, as industry is mostly dead, it has arund 11300 souls and looks pretty sad. imageimage leftovers. here used to be the deepest mine in EU (over 1000 m deep).imageimageimageimageimage this cinema is in my home town. it burned few years ago and looks like this ever since. image


    • AP

      Oana, thanks once again for some awesome images. Your blog has convinced me that I need to visit Romania.

      May 8, 05 2:41 pm
      vado retro

      yes i agree. plus romanian gurlz are h-o-double t, hot.

      May 8, 05 5:50 pm

      Just heard about crazy Romanian floods - are you OK?

      May 9, 05 4:40 pm
      Oana S.

      thanks, yes i am. though the floods are pretty close to the city and it won't stop raining. a huge area is like a bathtub, the earth can't take any water no more. so people are kind of waiting for it to withdraw. there are still 3 villages that are like islands. a friend of mine went there to help and he cut his boat in a street sign.

      the positive thing is that people from all over the country made donations: money, clothes, food.

      hey vado, how come u always know which country has nice chicks? just curious.

      May 14, 05 8:02 pm
      vado retro

      all countries have beautiful gurlz. romania just seems to have the most. party on...

      May 14, 05 9:24 pm

      Crazy stuff, but glad to hear that you're OK!


      May 15, 05 6:06 am

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