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    i'll show u mine, you show me yours

    By Oana S.
    May 16, '06 4:56 AM EST

    Dreams, things that are too good to become reality, but keep you always going. what is more important: the road or getting there?!

    a room, top floor, historical center of a nice city, with a big balcony. big doors wide open, a bit windy.
    inside: nice music from a laptop on which i am downloading photos from my camera.
    feeling tired after a lot of work that I am very fond of.


    • sporadic supernova

      mine ... winning the lottery ...

      quite doing architecture for money ... and design whatever I fancy ..

      May 16, 06 6:53 am
      sporadic supernova

      oh yeah ... and your room wouldn'y be too bad either ... maybe just buy out the building ?

      May 16, 06 6:54 am
      brian buchalski


      going to the mall with oana s...and, more importantly, leaving the mall with oana s.
      May 16, 06 12:12 pm

      the road, for sure. one never arrives.

      mine would be similar to yours...calls to mind a poem by Trakl...

      Winter Evening

      When snow falls against the window,
      Long sounds the evening bell...
      For so many has the table
      Been prepared, the house set in order.

      From their wandering, many
      Come on dark paths to this gateway.
      The tree of grace is flowering in gold
      Out of the cool sap of the earth.

      In stillness, wanderer, step in:
      Grief has worn the threshold into stone.
      But see: in pure light, glowing
      There on the table: bread and wine.

      May 16, 06 1:41 pm
      liberty bell

      To be making enough money as an architect (it goes w/o saying of course that I'd only do work of which I am proud and that benefits culture for the better) to be able to afford to hire someone to clean my house. Especially if I can hire a hot young male.

      That's what I dream of.

      May 16, 06 4:53 pm
      vado retro

      i dream of oana and puddles going into a mall together and oana and vado leaving that mall together. with bags and bags of well made consumer goods...

      May 16, 06 10:24 pm
      sporadic supernova

      ^^ lol vado .. vado ..

      May 17, 06 12:34 am
      brian buchalski

      keep dreaming vado re-tro

      in the meantime, oana and i are headed to the food court

      May 17, 06 9:33 am
      David Cuthbert

      my life part 2

      Condo on the maria top floor, powerboat on the dock, stock of Pinotage from my vineyard, insert Oana's dream, and no need for love.

      May 17, 06 10:19 am
      vado retro

      the food court? im takin oana to tgifriday's on the other side of the parking lot. or maybe even the outback steak house!!! you really got to get your trip together before you step in here with us puddles...

      May 17, 06 5:38 pm
      brian buchalski

      that's lame because you're just going to have to walk all the way back across the parking lot to go to the cinema after dinner (and then you won't have time to visit the arcade before catching the 9:05 pm showing of mi:3)

      you lose again retro-sexual

      May 18, 06 1:26 pm
      vado retro

      puddles you amateur. we wouldnt walk across the parking lot. we'd drive! and with valet parking available at the fashion mall, we'd be back in notime flat. and get an after dinner drink at the the art cinema's bar!!! oh and by the way mi3 aint showing at the art cinema. they show art films. like movies about gay cowboys and art school confidentials and such...

      May 18, 06 7:32 pm
      brian buchalski


      cars are for pussies...real men walk the walk, or didn't you know that? besides, mi3 is pretty much last week's news anyhow. i'm going to go see this week's hot movie now...

      ...and i'm sooo deck that i don't even know the name of it yet but i'm sure somebody will inform me when i get there and slip past the velvet rope

      bis spater, retro gator

      May 18, 06 11:46 pm
      vado retro

      walking the walk and talking the talk means that you don't walk cross the mall parking lot specially if you wanna impress the ladieeeeeez. enjoy the davinci code you wannabe...

      May 20, 06 7:28 am
      brian buchalski


      May 21, 06 11:27 pm

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