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    the bunny

    By Oana S.
    May 4, '05 6:21 AM EST

    this weekend there was the orthodox easter. the majority of Ro is orthodox so we had a 1week holiday.
    among various other easter habbits there is the 'eggpainting'. usually people use main colours for it but there are some areas in which tradition survived. in the photo below you can see what some people are able to do with paint and eggs.
    in the easter sunday eve, at 24 o'clock, people gather at church. they light their candles from each other (first the priest lights his and from there on, everybody - no lighter allowed). then they follow the priest and walk round the church three times. here are some pics i made this weekend.


    • David Cuthbert

      gorgeous photos - that last one has me mesmerized

      May 4, 05 7:55 am

      jam-arch, i think we're both members of the oana blog fan club.

      gorgeous eggs and a beautiful ceremony. us south american catholics do the candles thing but just inside the church... and i've caught a couple of people cheating and lighting up with lighters, which absolutely destroys the poetry of the moment.

      May 4, 05 9:38 pm
      vado retro

      u cant catch me
      cuz the rabbit done died

      May 4, 05 10:55 pm

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