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    Spam and other bad habbits

    By Oana S.
    Jul 17, '05 7:52 PM EST

    Sometimes the internet becomes your best friend. You know what it's like to await an email that might change your life? How often can a person check his/her inbox in 5 minutes?
    The last week I've been somewhere in middle of the mountains, in a little village, far away from technology, traffic and different forms of pollution. I can't tell you how good it is to recover, to read in the sun and to walk my dog. Though the last days were a little more tensed as I was expecting an email regarding a scholarship (since I asked someone to check my mail, I was angry he didn't do it every 5 minutes as I would have), it proved to be a very good week. I received the long doubtly awaited confirmation. So, if the archinect team is ok with it I will spam you with my blog since fall from... milano. I'm kind of ”˜afraid' to say or write it, as I sometimes think it's just a dream. At this point I have to thank to the necters Matteo and Jose Luis , which I spammed with questions regarding arch school in milano / seville and archinect for existing and helping me to get to them (tears).

    Change of subject.
    My all so quiet week ended very noisy at a friend's wedding. This events are rather problematic from several points of view, but the main one, which makes your beloved ones rather sad, is the unwritten rule of all weddings: the gift=money. I can't say where it comes from, who started it but it's the same in every region of the country: the wedding gift comes in an envelope. I'll detail it from soft to hard core. The soft version is that when you leave the wedding you just give the happily ever after couple your ”˜surprise' gift, aka money (in euros or dollars, never Romanian money). The porn version of this are the weddings with ”˜yells': the music stops and everyone is asked to go to the couple and give the gift, while someone makes a big announcement with how much everyone ”˜donates'. Usually few guest struggle to give huge amounts of money, just for show off. But you have to understand this is not tradition but more likely a bad habit: it is not written, it is not inherited, no one talks about it, everyone knows it. At the wedding I attended last night we had a surprise as at every table there were envelopes with the guests names (!). And you didn't gave them to the couple but put them in a post box at their table(?). It sucked: you were obliged (though you would have done anyway, only do they have to yell for it this obvious?) and you were being ”˜watched' (having the name on the envelope they had a clear record, and knew who they had to thank to ). Several things sucked only sometimes you wonder what went wrong in history, when and how was a intimate event converted into a financial business?


    • WonderK

      Good job Oana.

      And it is unfortunate that weddings have become so vulgar an enterprise, isn't it?

      Jul 17, 05 10:33 pm

      oana, congratulations! i'm looking forward to reading your milano blog... be sure to check out the cool terragni stuff and aldo rossi's gallaratesse [sp?]. travel to como, it's about 30 minutes away. and have lots of fun. oh, and eat lots of ice cream, it really is as good as they say.

      Jul 18, 05 9:45 am

      sounds great! congrats...

      Jul 19, 05 1:27 am

      hey! good luck with the Milano thing! Enjoy!

      (hey, there's more to italy than icecream and fascist Architecture!)

      Jul 19, 05 5:55 am
      vado retro


      Jul 19, 05 7:24 am

      richard, sure there is but that's for you to recommend... i can only give the 5- day version... sorry : )

      Jul 19, 05 3:05 pm

      Well done oona, on both your scholarship and your rightly-held opinions!

      Jul 20, 05 8:51 am
      Oana S.

      thanks guys.
      actually i have free time now to post on the blog but i'm too paranoia and stressed about the whole visa procedures. i can't think anything else.
      i'll spare you the details, but please hold your fists closed for me. :)

      Jul 21, 05 7:41 am

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