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    floods & hostages

    By Oana S.
    Apr 27, '05 3:53 AM EST

    can't get home because of the floods. 3.700 people evacuated, 2.500 houses destroied,6000 under water, 100.000 acres under water. it's been raining for about 2/3 weeks and it's spring! it was supposed to be sunny! these image don't show much, but i couldn't find better ones.
    in addition three romanian journalists and an american citizen are hostages in Iraq, today is the execution deadline. People are marching in the streets for their freedom.
    I wouldn't want to be president. not today.
    the positive thing is that, unless we spoil it, we might become an UE menber in 2007. Oh joy.

    initially i wanted to write about the quarrels in school between students these days. there's a fight for few scholarships, bad atmosphere. friends, but 'til one point. everybody knows, nobody says it, jealousy and egos. it'a all about sabotage. Actually we haven't quite been able to help each other (from different teams for example). no intention for constructive debates, silence is preffered. as sincere anyone might seem, there are some dark secrets.
    How stupid and silly.

    teamwork and fairplay, right?


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      They don't always go together I'm afraid, competition brings out both the best and worst in people... :(

      Apr 27, 05 6:27 am

      Oana, thank you for your posts, they offer a view far different than any other. You are responsible for opening many eyes.

      Apr 27, 05 10:53 am

      yours its the blog that stands above the rest when it comes to actually making an impact on the reader. thank you from ohio state.

      Apr 27, 05 11:13 am

      ...and thank you from south america. i hope you're not offended but i find several sad parallels between romania and ecuador [we also went through floods and hostages last week, no iraq hostages but the local congress, plus a coup].

      i enjoy archinect but sometimes it does feel like it's very much about a very priviledged small sector of the world -and i sometimes enjoy pretending i'm visiting that part and can indulge in that sort of discussion-. but your blog adds a much needed point of view. keep up the good work.

      Apr 27, 05 11:40 am
      Oana S.

      now i'm blushing. you made my day.
      aml , i definetely understand the whole 'priviledged small sector of the world' thing.

      Apr 27, 05 1:10 pm

      Another thanks from Ohio. We really have no idea how other parts of the world operate sometimes, but your observations are really enlightening.

      I hope you don't think it presumptuous of me when I say that I think you should travel the world....I think you would be a great Archinect Global Correspondent!

      Apr 27, 05 1:29 pm

      Thank you, Oana
      Now I know what the weather will be like when I get there next week.
      Now really, you deserve at least an archinect T-shirt for your blog.

      Apr 27, 05 3:13 pm

      Another thanks from Holland.
      You are the best!

      Apr 27, 05 5:13 pm
      George Showman

      Interesting situation, fascinating (and worrying) pictures! I'm sad to hear about the competitiveness problem in your studios. Perhaps it is partly because we have more financial security here, but I haven't noticed much competitiveness at Columbia. I think it comes and goes, though; I feel very lucky to be in a class where there are only a few noticeably competitive people -- by which I mean, people who will keep their work secret, become jealous, etc. Obviously we are all pushing ourselves to be better, and we try to learn from and then best our neighbors in studio.

      Which leads me to your point about "privileged small sector of the world"... I just wanted to point out that those of us who have a lot of money (comparatively) and are in politically stable areas are still pushing ourselves as hard as we can, and a lot of us are trying to use design to change the world for the better. So to all you other "privileged" students out there, keep your heads high. We all have problems that are driving us nuts, and when we solve or come to grips with those problems it gives us strength. All the best with your struggles, Oana. Teamwork and fairplay all the way.

      Apr 30, 05 4:38 pm
      Oana S.

      hey, the whole "privileged small sector of the world" didn't mean to offend anyone. i admit it doesn't sound too good, but it was rather a acknowledgement of sharing the same kind of prbls (with aml). and this prbls have nothing to do with "privileged" students(the term itself is not well chosen).
      i do admit i have colleagues who think 'of course they make great designs, look where they live' or 'it's much easier for them...'. Actually this is a big mistake/belief people in under developed countries make: blaming everything on western countries and considering live is easier there. it's just stupid and a lame excuse for their own incapability.
      so george, hope you understand now that it had nothing to do with 'you' nor considerations upon your efforts.

      as a parenthesis i have to say i never considered anyone is entitled to be proud of his nationality. you have no credit whatsoever in the fact that you are born in x or y. you can enjoy it or not, respect the culture, be glad you were born there but in the end it is something that 'happens' to you. and sometimes shit happens!

      May 4, 05 5:16 am
      Oana S.

      and thanks for the thanks!

      about the hostages in Iraq: they are alive though still hostages.
      about the floods: the affected county is like a huge vessel that holds water. the earth can't absorb it anymore so they have to wait for it to withdraw.
      people got together and made money, food, clothes donations. that's the least we could do.
      on the other hand i have to say there are floods almost every spring and autum. not so big and not necessarily in this area, but still. each year some people lose their houses. authorithies discovered that the former minister stole the money that were supposed to make floods history. not an uncommon story.

      May 4, 05 5:26 am

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