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    By Oana S.
    Mar 23, '06 10:47 AM EST

    Now I've been laughing for half an hour in a public Computer room (aka library like atmosphere) because of this news thread. I am not sure whether it is that funny or rather sad, but I still enjoyed it. Nevertheless, I think architects are good and facile material for humor... then again, you would have to know ”˜the subject' to get the jokes, so I guess it's bad humor.

    Life in a different place then your usual habitat always has different repercussions upon a person. We are 5 from my school and all have totally different experiences and views upon what is going on here in Seville. I guess you can call it subjectivity but only until one point (did I mention that I am the only objective one?! - since I was talking about bad humor...). From that on, I am still amazed how ... on the other way around we are, giving the fact that we have approximately same age, grew up in similar conditions, attend same course. On the one hand it is good to have some diversity, but again, until one point. We are pretty much not able to exchange basic information between us, not to mention something related to architecture. Let me just say it: whatever (with that strong American accent)!

    This exchange of medium had a peculiar effect on me: I am much more active here, much more ”˜let's do something' and literary abuse the school's library. At home the couch had a certain charm and exercised an attraction. Not only that I don't have a couch here but I also hate staying at home (and it's not only the lack of comfort from my home). In the same time, I used to go out in Timisoara maybe once a month. Here, it's like a burden: each evening/night in which you don't go out, you sin: you wasted a good opportunity, opportunity for which the rest of the world envies you.
    Only the weather is messing around and still spoiling my weekends. It is crazy: it is sunny and in the next minute it rains. Still waiting for what Spain promises...

    Since I said I'm much more active here, I'm going to go to a class. So excuse the short version but just wanted to say hi...


    • brian buchalski

      architects associates is not a good name for an architecture firm, they'd be better off calling themselves firm architecture instead.

      Mar 23, 06 11:02 am

      hi Dana! I'm sorry but this has nothing to do with your blogs (although they were all very interesting and witty). I actually need help in researching building construction and materials for Romania (esp Oradea) and was wondering if you could help. I'm an architecture student at Univ of Louisiana and we are making a trip to Oradea in June to design and build a playhouse for an orphanage. I need to research any possible building materials we might be able to get there and then practice using them before we go. Do you think you can help?


      Mar 23, 06 1:30 pm

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