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    Coffee in Valencia?

    By Oana S.
    Jul 31, '06 5:47 AM EST

    What are the chances of an airport strike on the day that you need a plane? - I guess that is the idea of strikes...
    What are the chances that you didn't charge the laptop battery exactly on this day?
    Are airports supposed to have wifi internet?
    What are the chances that the company is so terrible sorry that they buy you coffee and sandwiches? - airport coffee and sandwiches
    Is it allowed to take pictures in an airport?
    If yes, would it bother you if someone would just take pics?
    If not, because of reason's of ”˜security', isn't it kind of sad?
    Do you like or hate airports?
    Translated in the IT, are airports servers? That would make us bits...
    Again, what are the chances that the only free seats are close to a 6 member family - out of which 3

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    • I like to think of airports as the only building type in which the principal 'wall' is not along the edges but right through the centre: a wall-centred building. The wall I mean is the security zone between national and international; landside and airside.
      I hope this smoking and photos ban is just a temporary aberration. I always love to smoke duty free cigarillos whilst taking photos when stuck airside... of course in Scotland, LA and I suppose an increasing number of places, one can't smoke ANYWHERE. Even in one's own hotel room.

      Sep 7, 06 7:58 pm

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