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    today, never again

    By Oana S.
    Jul 7, '05 12:08 PM EST

    I had two exams today, the last ones, so I should have had a good time by now. It turned out to be very different.
    After the first exam, at home: 6 bombs in London. 2 dead.
    I started checking a local news site every 5 min.
    Next: the government headquarters in Poland under fire
    After the second exam, a phone call: the romanian government quit (actually I think this was a rather smart move, but still)
    At home: London. 33 dead.
    Iraq: Al Qaida executed the egiptian ambassador.
    Statistics: 2004 - 3192 terrorists attacks.

    There are days, when architecture is so insignificant...

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    • liberty bell

      Oh, god, Oana this is not the first time your blog has made me cry but it's bever been this bad! I'm halfway across the country (united states) from my husband and son and all I want right now is to be close to them - you're right sometimes the things we stress so much about just become meaningless in the face of what's important. I didn't sleep a wink last night, up worrying about how in he** we're going to build this exhibit design I'm working on when we don't have enough budget and the contractor/installer is being difficult and half the photographs for exhibition haven't showed up yet...then this news. And I just don't care right now about the project, only about people. And my best friend who I'm staying with while out of town's husband is in London for 3 weeks for work - he called early this morning to say he's OK thank god.

      I'm scared. I'm so scared for what's happening in this world.

      Jul 7, 05 1:38 pm

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