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    tuesday-dienstag- mardi-martedì- martes- to eat or not to eat!

    By Oana S.
    Jan 30, '06 11:48 PM EST

    Well, since you have asked for it it... here is your parisian mac. They can be very 'plastic' even in a city as Paris. Somehow they always manage it.
    I am nevertheless fascinated by the varations of attitudes towards mac, depending on the country. In Paris (and I am sure in all big tourist cities) it is full of tourists, longing for a 'happy' meal, for a known taste.
    In Venice it was a rather deserted place.
    And in Timisoara or other cities in Romania (probably applies to other developing countries too) it's an expensive place and one of the cleanest and safest places to eat.
    From what I've heard in the States it's a junk space with XXL versions of XXL menus.
    Bon appétit!


    • hmmm, c'est exquis.

      lovin it.

      Jan 31, 06 12:27 am

      Mmm... I'd like a Royal with cheese....

      Jan 31, 06 1:58 am

      Damn where's that one, I've never seen it!

      Jan 31, 06 7:05 am

      I was thinking the same thing as French. Location??

      Jan 31, 06 9:37 am
      liberty bell

      Oh my god jump that image is soooo effective. Hit me right in the soul.

      Jan 31, 06 11:21 am

      What's the Burger King doing on that McDonalds?

      Jan 31, 06 11:55 am
      Oana S.

      it's on the way from the Saint Lazare Metro station to Haussmann.
      WOW... i've never looked up a Mac Donalds location :))
      here it is McDonald's PARIS RUE SAINT LAZARE 8EME
      119 rue Saint Lazare

      Jan 31, 06 1:33 pm

      jump's image gave me the heeby-jeebies. the hair stood up on the back of my neck.

      Feb 1, 06 12:13 pm

      i found that bun-as-teat image randomly, but it is apparently a legitimate pic form an austrian mcdonalds campaign. funny as hell, but crazy too.

      btw, happy b-day oana!

      Feb 1, 06 7:59 pm
      liberty bell

      No. No. No. No. No......jump that image has got to be a satire, right? It can't be real...please tell me that's not an image McD is using to sell their product.

      It's really not funny at all - it's sick. It's far worse than this frightening image:

      which at least is the cover of a book regarding how to NOT raise your child to be first and foremost a consumer.

      Ugh, I feel sick to my stomach.

      Feb 1, 06 9:42 pm

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