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    By Oana S.
    Feb 11, '06 7:10 AM EST

    did i just wrote that? only 3 days left?!
    after an 'almost all nighter' (do 3 hours of sleep count?) i find myself asking questions i thought were long forgotten, the kind of rookie-arch-student questions regarding time, sleepless nights, life outside the studio (is there anything at all outside the studio?), passion or effort, perfectionist or nerd, get-a-life or dedication, get-a-drink or get drunk, and of course, the main question: why didn't i press that 'ctrl+s' ?!
    things are messy and in my best intentions not to delay everything on the last second, i found myself delayed until further notice.
    i haven't got enough sleep for the last month (and i loooooooooove laying at morning in bed!), i constantly hear a message 'low virtual memory' and i know it's not about the computer, i try too keep it simple but for this i need a complex system, some existentialist customized questions, typical before long time trips, downgrade my will, and the videocard isn't what it used to be (= look and feel awful).
    according to microsoft, everything is great.
    i finished my last exam and find myself at the end of yet another semester (the 9th to be more specific), extenuated after the last weeks in which you catch up and pay the price for your previous choices, with some better then expected grades. does it really matter? maybe, maybe not. at least it doesn't hurt.
    but there is that feeling which i am sure all of you know: after some hard days of work, when you finished the project, printed the stuff and then left it to the teachers.... - the feeling after...-the empty sensation, tiredness is gone, the 'thing' that kept you through all these days also gone, the product you worked for, gone(you can't look at it and wouldn't even want to).... but all together with a sensation of satisfaction. was it a good project? was it worth it?

    i'm going to sleep over day 3.


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      I'm not DeMar but that is not to say that DeMar is a bad person. You are so much more talented than I thought you were. You should have become a poet. I can't tell you how extatic I am to be writing these words to you after noticing this web site over a friends shoulder and than noticing what it was about and than noticing you and our school. I am glad that things changed but not too much and reading this is like reashuring me that timisoara exists and too much time spent doing something else doesn't make it fade out from my life. Thank You Oana. I hope I ll see you again soon.

      Feb 11, 06 10:25 pm

      lets see some work from your school,.....(this is DeMar)

      Feb 11, 06 11:14 pm

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