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    usual arch-students worries

    By Oana S.
    Feb 9, '05 3:17 AM EST

    this was inspired by savanna's post 'titles and aliances'.
    i usually avoid thinking in those terms, about career path and future, as i get headaches and depression's.
    lately i turned down 3 job-offers. and they looked pretty ok, apparently, as most of my collegues would take them in a second. one came from a friend and teacher, but i can't stop thinking , did he take me for a fool? i don't expect to be considered a star, i don't expect them to 'appreciate my cretivity', but... would he have taken that job if it was offered to him? i don't think so. i am very afraid of ending up in front of a computer, putting things to paper, u know, like a secretary... do i need arch school for this?
    and if i don't agree to settle in such a job, will i find one i like? there are no such things as 'perfect'. and arch. might seem a less then ok job if you don't have money (zaha like). i suppose everyone has been told that, right? ' in order to become an arch. you have to have money'.lots of money. or is that just the easy way?
    all i want is to make my designs, to evolve by practicing and to learn. i am at the age i'm still hoping.
    about 'strategic alliances'... do people think like that? anyway, i couldn't. my only conclusion is that even so called friends, when it comes to bussines... act strange.
    i just dream of working in a stimulating, creative enviroment, with people who put their hearts in their work and don't just sketch things to 'emploiees'. probably the only chance is to make my own firm. but i still have to learn!!!!!! what a mess!

    the most prestigious arch. firm in my town is made up uf 2 men (around 50 years old), both teacher's at my school. one of them is... hard to bare ( i mean it, he knows a lot but you can't have a dialogue with him). the other one takes himself too seriously. anyway, every year they take the best graduates to their firm.there, things get dirty! the process goes like that: they sketch something, very ambigous, then the graduates 'make it happen'. in their eyes, the work of the emploees is not a big deal, although they do 95% of it. the only thing that matters is their moment of cretivity (or whatever u call it). so everyone but them is underpayed. why hook up in something like that?
    thinking in these terms i sometimes wonder why people study architecture? what is wrong with this people (don't u think architects are least to say 'weird')?
    now take a deep breath and get optimistic!

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