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    Iceland sounds good...

    By Oana S.
    Mar 20, '06 7:51 AM EST

    I've been told not to write about school as nobody wants to read that. Marlin says ´everybody just wants to read a good story´.

    I often enjoy imaging each persons path in life like a string. Brightly colored. Each new more or less significant ´connection´ is a new node. Looking back at your string and the ones that caused a node in yours, you will probably cover the whole world.
    Someone said that you are at most 7 handshakes away from every other person in the world. Try it. I was surprised to see how close Clinton was (i´m not sure why I chose him - and i really hate the fact that it probably also applies to Bush).
    It is strange how circumstances often work. In a town like Seville you have the feeling that there are actually no Sevillians. Everybody is from somewhere else, somewhere else in Spain, somewhere else in Europe, somewhere else in the world. Starting from the Spanish class we formed a pretty colored node. Each is from another country: Germany, Greece, Iceland, Spain, Italy. If we where from the same town, we never would have had anything to say to each other. We probably wouldn't have met. Circumstances change you. Are we the same that we were at our comfortable homes? Everybody knows the answer...
    A friend of mine spend one year in the UK and another one in Spain. She said if she was to leave again, she would't return because she couldn't stand it leaving friends again, untying a node...
    Otter's parents are both architects and have a home based office. How does that sound to you? Iceland, in the middle of nowhere, man and woman, a warm place, fire in the chimney, drawing and working on other small warm places, a cat sleeping and stretching...
    In the same train of thoughts I sometimes feel people are like websites, like portals (or was it the different way around?). All the persons you ever met, are under the 'links' sections. If flash is the 'sociability' and 'dynamic' factor, then what is HTML?
    Have you ever tried to find something on the Internet without being able to use the keyboard? You might wonder why anyone would do that, but once in the classroom the keyboard wasn't working. Still, it's an interesting exercise and no, you can´t use favorites. It´s like a labyrinth. you know where you want to go, but don´t know the way...


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      Oana, I love your train of thought. I have tried to navigate the world wide web without using the keyboard before. It was a less stressful version of my physical travels when I lost my maps and guidebook. On the internet it was entertainment for a moment. In traveling it led to some of my most treasured memories.

      Mar 20, 06 8:35 am
      brian buchalski

      if you dig iceland then here's a good link for starters.

      also, i recently had the following conversation with a friend of mine named codrin who happens to be from romania, but he's not an architect.

      "oh, codrin," i said, "you're from romania and i've been meaning to ask you this. how do you pronounce the name 'oana'?"

      "oana?" replies codrin, "how is it spelled?"


      "you'd say it like this, oana."


      "yes, that's it. oana. well done. who is she by the way?"

      "oh, just this very insightful young architect from timisoara who has been running this very delightful blog that has completely captivated me. i know this sounds silly, but her descriptions have really fueled my imagination to the point where i can't help but believe that all of romania is this magical land that justs sparkles with romance and know, like norway."

      chuckling slightly now, codrin adds, "you should visit her. romanians are very friendly"


      "oh yes"

      "well maybe i'll even just move there permanently"

      codrin quickly replies, in a suddenly serious tone, "oh no, you don't want to move there. i do not advise that."


      Mar 20, 06 8:59 am

      Iceland sounds good because it is good - I love it - I was born in the UK but my family comes from there, a really special place.

      Interesting reading Oana ;-)

      Mar 20, 06 9:01 am

      I was probably muttering yo myself ina corner.
      I love your posts about your academics, about school. The distinction of your own 'string' makes your posts compelling, no matter the subject. No one has traveled as much as you in order to enrich thier educational experiences, and so your perspective on academics are always, like everything else, a good read.
      I'm the guy who logs about his apartment. Iceland sounds good.


      Mar 20, 06 1:07 pm
      the cellardoor whore

      i like iceland
      i like lady&bird
      i like bang gang
      i like bjor
      i believe i will meet a icelandic man who will love me
      love me love me love me love me love me love me

      Mar 20, 06 4:08 pm

      Well indeed, I'd like to find a nice icelandic girl ;-)

      Mar 21, 06 8:48 am

      Oana I bet your as beautiful as your writting....

      Mar 21, 06 1:10 pm
      Oana S.

      do i write that bad?! :P

      Mar 23, 06 9:47 am


      Mar 23, 06 7:28 pm

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