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    3rd age

    By Oana S.
    Sep 24, '05 7:13 PM EST

    After holding my breath for about 2 weeks I now took a decision...

    As the ”˜milano visa situation' is as uncertain and messed up as possible, I'm in a weird position. I might have to pack my things and leave my country for a year, I might have to stay at home and go to the same school just to pass time until oct 2006. even time seems to stand still as on archinect isn't much action. everything might be decided in a phone call or email. So put yourself in my shoes and think what you would do...
    While talking on the phone with my aunt who is living in Italy and is trying to fix things from there, she said 'I hear in your voice you are not very determined. If you want you can wait for another year...' So last night, while laying in bed and forcing my eyes to close, I took a decision (it's the kind of ”˜get on your damn feet and stop complaining' decision). Of course, it's easier to fall asleep (I fooled those pretty eyes of mine) after such a vow, but harder to wake up. Now I'm constantly preparing myself for 2 scenarios: on the one hand I'm practicing my italian (though, in order to practice you have to know it, so lets just say I'm learning it), apply for a credit card at an italian bank etc.; on the other hand I'm thinking about some fresh blog material in this town (old promises I didn't keeep) and sign myself up for school here(though the thought of it gives me creeps). Things get more complicated when I have to choose one of the cases, as events overlap. Tricky.
    My aunt I was telling you about was a pretty famous opera singer in Europe and now, though over 70 years old, she is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. She is always in a good mood but extremely wise and with an young spirit. When talking to her you feel like talking to a person your age and you have no choice but to respect her. She is the kind of person who paints you the 3rd age like the most beautiful period in life and you will never hear her complainig. From my experience these kind of people are rare and I love her for being so inspiring.


    • that is a lovely tribute, I'm sure you will have many stories to tell when you relocate to Italy.

      chin up young lass

      Sep 25, 05 1:57 pm
      liberty bell

      Thank you, Oana, for making me feel good again about growing older. Your aunt sounds wonderful.

      Sep 25, 05 4:04 pm

      sing to me, Oana!

      Sep 25, 05 8:34 pm

      it seems beauty runs in the family. . .

      in bocca del lupo...per un'educazione italiano nel tuo futuro

      Sep 26, 05 12:25 pm

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