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    anyone looking for me???????!!!!!!!! PLS!!! Special Live Edition

    By Oana S.
    Aug 1, '06 5:52 PM EST

    Remember the coffee in valencia ?
    Now, I didn't mind getting stranded in Valencia ...
    I didn't mind waiting today 4 hours for the plane (delay!!!), I mean, I was considering I'm still in BCN...
    Some hours later, extremely tired and with a huge delay I land in an extremely cold (this sounds Spanish, doesn't it?!) and rainy Budapest (closest important airport to tm). Now, of course, a bus company was supposed to wait for me(which parents abandon their child in the hands of a obscure bus company after not having seen her for 6 month?!!!- the parents of the child who told them not to bother to take her to the train station with 10!), with a nice poster with my name on it.
    Guess where I am writing from?!
    Anyway, the good news is, that this damn airport (I'm not even in THE airport, I'm at some small deserted terminal) has free wifi internet. I mean BCN doesn't and BUD does?! This puts things in perspective. I am considering moving here in for the next... Actually it wouldn't be bad t all - 1 week blog from the an airport. Yeah, I do accept sponsorship (u could start with an umbrella or a sweater).
    So, the internet is a nice surprise but has some negative aspects (what doesn't, after all?!). I am actually supposed to look around for someone with a paper with my name on it. -Kind of hard while writing. But apparently today they prefer Karin, Barbara, Tom. I could anytime say I am one of them (maybe I wouldn't pass as tom, though a gay tom, maybe maybe...). It would be another interesting blog, wouldn't it? Being some unknown Karin. Where would I land? Is someone waiting for Karin at the other bus stop? Does she have a nice hotel room ready for her?

    I wonder if my mother cooked something nice... I shouldn't think of holy things, damn it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    now, if u read this now, as in 'live', make sure to check in every now and then because it is not like I would have anything better to do. I thought about watching a movie but I have the reflex to fall asleep... which might be actually nice unless they had some comfortable seats and ... blankets.


    anyway, until now it was kind of worth it, as I have seen a gay 'flight attendant' (is this politically correct?!). we had male ones in our flight here and I was just thinking how boring and bored they were. but now, I saw 'him'. he was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ok. another flight came in. lots of noise, I harassed some more people in order to make sure that they are not here for me, lots of hugs. I also got to 'meet' Karin. She is blond and had an extremely short skirt (is an extremely short skirt still a skirt?!), and high heels. I would be a very bad Karin!


    Now, I was wondering (wanted to say thinking but I realized it doesn't fit the description!):
    is it possible to get into an airport toilet with a big bag, backpack, another hand bag ? if not, think about it next time u design an airport.

    another airport problem: where can I recharge my phone & laptop?! the only option is the bathroom. this is the second airport today in which I am sniffing around walls to find a god damn ... (how to you call these things in English?!).

    but then again, why would I want to charge my phone? I only have the Spanish card (with roaming, as I just discovered), but no credit and everybody thinks the number doesn't work anymore... not that anyone would call, anyway!!!!!!!!!!!

    I had some other extremely interesting and fascinating observations... should I spare you?!

    If I opened the bag to find a sweatshirt, would I be able to close it back?


    so, anything new? nobody speaking with me?!

    2 guys actually got to sleep. the temptation is getting bigger and bigger.
    meanwhile the cleaning lady is 'the boss'. she's taking tours with the 'cleaning car' (this is worse then if I would be drunk!!!) around the airport, but you don't have to be a genius to notice it isn't about cleaning. she's just showing her power.


    in this kind of situations, there are always 2-3 girls and 10 men, out of which at least 3 are weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeird.


    a TV playing some... bad music. airport music. small terminal music. is this still music?!
    Today, in the bus to the airport, I was thinking I could really need a one day trip with the ipod on. apparently, someone up there is listening all the bull**** that is going through my head. poor him!!!


    I am coooooooooold! after 2-3 month in which I was wondering how it is to really need to wear long sleeves... now, is this a reason to be happy?!
    does this 'accident' with 'stuck in an airport' seem harder to bare after a 6 month absence then after a short trip?!
    And if things weren't bad enough, the inevitable happened. I am forced to watch the paris hilton video. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    u are not really helping, you know that?!!!


    I guess it is kind of ironic to talk about 'secret life' while I am blogging everything around!!!


    battery low.....................


    • Arnaud M.

      It's an outlet...

      Aug 1, 06 8:15 pm
      brian buchalski

      ...ain't that the truth.

      ok..i'm going to bed now because i'm up at 05:00 to run another 10km

      Aug 1, 06 10:27 pm
      Arnaud M.

      Nice one!

      Unfortunately that was totally unvoluntary, ESL, you know...

      Aug 2, 06 12:47 am
      Oana S.

      in case u were wondering...
      still here.
      no, airports are not comfortable sleeping places. going hoooooooooome now. at least i think so!!1

      Aug 2, 06 2:28 am

      Hey Oana, are you gone yet? Or still waiting in the Airport? And who 's that "Frenchism" guy?

      Aug 2, 06 4:56 am
      vado retro

      chatted with my friend oana. she was stuck in budapest waiting for the bus. just like that zztop tune. this was 2a.m. indianastan time.

      Aug 2, 06 9:47 am
      brian buchalski
      indianaston time

      i forgot about all those "clock" issues down there. i suppose that the revolution has already started down there...and it began with the battle of EST vs. CST. in other words, it's about time.
      Aug 2, 06 1:20 pm

      I enjoyed this wee airport soap opera. I love airports, even after the glamour's worn off and I know them as variously prosaic and mind-bogglingly convoluted places (Heathrow...)
      I think there's so much more to be explored in the life of airports and how they're going to develop as futurist world-village-pseudo-urban environments. I want to design the first airport complete with its own duckpond and non-horrible pub/bar.

      Sep 7, 06 7:52 pm

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