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    saturday- samstag- samedi- sabato- sábado- driving around with a baby in an oversized empty cup

    By Oana S.
    Feb 4, '06 8:46 AM EST

    yep, the title is sick but very true. still in tokyo we had some fun driving around in... better take a look at the pics. you were supposed to sit nearby the baby, the open part of the cup was the 'front' and you drove by rotating the wheel with one finger. it was computer driven and you also had 3 speed levels. the navigation was very sensitive and it took a while and a few walls and visitors to get used to it. but nevertheless fun.


    • vado retro

      lets git it on!!!

      Feb 4, 06 3:13 pm

      like an even more twisted version of this tokyo tea party
      Feb 4, 06 4:37 pm

      crazy babies!

      thing i like best about japan is that the zany and the serious can sit side by side, or even share the same space. 'beat' takeshi (the guy on the right in vr's image) may have made a nutty castle, and still plays leader of the insane on primetime, but his movies are beautiful and provoking (and violent)...

      Feb 4, 06 7:02 pm

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