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Jan '05 - Jan '07

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    By Oana S.
    Jan 23, '05 11:17 AM EST

    i'll start by apologizing for my bad english and hope it will improve during this blog.
    now... let's do this properly. For eveyone who ain't got a clue where romania is (i don't mean to offense, but i've been asked this question quite a lot while meeting people from other countries) this little country is in eastern europe, right between europe an drussia. strategic geopolitical position, some might say, only we don't take any advantage of it.
    Timisoara, the town where i study, is near the vest border.i'll tell you more about it later and try to stick to the point ( arch, right!).
    this arch school is said to be the best in country, not that this would be a big deal. We study 6 years, then we can do another year for master degree and 2 years of internship.each sem is structured as follows 14 weeks of class and workshops, 4 weeks of exams. for example on monday we start our first week of exams.
    so, i'll tell you more about my past 14 horrible weeks on the next blog.

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    • MADianito

      i love drussia is a nice place...hehehehe (good luck w/the blog dude, and dont worry for the english)

      Jan 23, 05 2:49 pm

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