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    By Oana S.
    Sep 19, '06 1:59 AM EST


    • excellent !

      Sep 19, 06 4:28 am
      Gonzalo Herrero Delicado


      Sep 19, 06 5:11 am

      Aren't taxis in NY just great?. Last time I got into one it was 3 in the morning, I was returning from the Upper West side to my friend's apartment in Brooklyn in the middle of a terrible winter storm, with lots of snow and ice everywhere. It was pitch dark and the driver (a quite bad tempered Iranian) not only did not speak a word of English but didn't know how to get to our destination either. So, I had to to guide him through the city (which I don't know very well myself). We went all the way down Amsterdam Ave. to Broadway Ave. and Canal St. As we crossed Manhattan bridge we saw a big car accident and several vans and trucks stopped at the sides due to the storm, which made my driver shake his head in obvious dissaproval. Finally we made it to the other side of East river and turned to Myrtle Ave. Everything went fine until we reached Fort Greene Park; here the flat road turned into a steep slope, absolutely covered with ice, and the wheels of the taxi started to slide down back while my driver screamed like a maniac, half of his body out of the window. Nothing to do, we were stopped in the middle of the park at 3:30 A.M. and it didn't look like the weather was going to change soon so I suggested we left the car and walk to my place (three blocks away) since the storm was getting worse. Abid (by that time we had introduced each other) ended up having tea and sleeping in our house. You should have seen my friend's face when he found a huge men with a turban asleep on the couch of the living room next morning....

      By the way, he refused to charge me for the ride.

      Sep 19, 06 6:46 am

      congratulations, and good luck in this next stage of life.

      Sep 19, 06 7:02 am

      if while you're there REX gives you a break or two and you want to come to Cambridge, hit us up!!!

      Sep 19, 06 7:05 am
      vado retro

      4565 trips. far out...

      Sep 19, 06 8:14 am

      rex, did i miss something? must have.

      best of luck Oana, and the word is that +q has a comfy couch, take him up on his offer...

      great story Caleidoscopico...

      Sep 19, 06 9:09 am

      congrats, oana, enjoy nyc!!

      Sep 19, 06 3:38 pm

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