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    007/08/05/the path/

    By Oana S.
    Aug 25, '05 2:48 PM EST

    In cities as paris, if you are at your first visit, it's as if you would carry a burden: the choice of what you will visit has already been made, you follow the path everyone else pretty much does. Though you have your personal favourites you'll start with a museum/church. It's impossible to miss something important as the crowd of people looking contemplative at it won't let you pass by. In the end you will even take a picture of that silly tower (the only true and valid proof for visiting paris). The champs-elysees, probably the most famous avenue in the world, full of all sorts of people. It is pretty much like all the central walkways in big cities (at least around europe) on your left and right h&m, zara, macdonald's etc. these are the international signs that try to make you forget where you are, the familiar faces so to say. You can't get lost here. you are home.


    • Darren Hodgson

      A photographic plethora, fantastic Oana, wish my photo's came out as good as that... Is the eiffel tower supposed to be upside down though?

      Makes my blog, look rubbish :-(

      Aug 25, 05 4:34 pm
      David Cuthbert

      Never been to Paris, now I dont feel like I need to - thanks for the pics Oana

      Aug 28, 05 9:08 pm


      enjoyed the series. Thank you, Oana. Image saturation does wonders for log entries.

      Again thank you


      Aug 30, 05 9:00 pm

      did the two birds wake up soon enough to escape being swallowed (pun unintended) by the pair of alien monsters?
      (love the art nouveau)

      like many things, the tower looks more interesting 'upside-down'

      Oct 30, 05 7:22 am

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