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    By Oana S.
    Sep 6, '06 9:15 AM EST

    Hey, don't be bad and offer some support to the 'freshmen'. It is quite discouraging not to have a comment in the first posts (
    I had my first comments only when I posted pictures of getting my tongue pierced - which makes me wonder btw...).
    Great to see the diversity and appetite of the new bloggers. Keep it up!!!


    • Marlin

      Oana: While i agree with you about the important encouragement garnered from receiving comments, it should be noted that there have been an awe-inspiring 30 new blog entries in the past 48 hours! Reading all of yesterdays's blog entries was like a whirlwind meet-and-greet with a ballroom of partygoers.

      Everyone's still shaking hands, and i hope the bloggers remain enthusiastic, and understand if it takes an entry or three before people begin commenting.

      By the way, did you notice the length of this list to the right? ----->

      Sep 6, 06 10:17 am

      keep it up DUDE!!!

      (this is my supportive first comment)

      Sep 6, 06 10:44 am

      (MADianito: i noticed that too, checking oana's first entry moments ago, and thought it was pretty funny. "I love Drussia")

      Sep 6, 06 11:00 am

      Well, i know where to move to if i ever want to hijack cable from my neighbor....

      Sep 6, 06 2:03 pm
      Oana S.

      I noticed the 30 posts in 2 days too (actually i didn't count them so I took your word for it). It is fascinatin and hard to keep up with.
      Do you get to read all of them? If yes, how long does it take? If not, how do you pick the ones you actually read?

      I enjoy the new blog organisation and have been surfing around some old posts of favourite bloggers. It is nice to read them again after a while. I think there is also a huge temptation to read the first posts (it is something like 'how did we get here?!' ).

      and yes, the length of the list on the right is a bit frightening for me too!!!

      Sep 7, 06 4:47 am

      I guess you're famous now what with that picture on the index page, Oana.
      I'll be interested to read what you think of OMA. I thought Rem had sold up to the Young Turk REX...
      If I have one regret it's that I threw away the chance to work for a starchitect early on. It's amazing how quickly you get typecast. I wanted to go to a 'normal' practice and learn 'real' construction and pass my professional exams. I did all this eventually, but with much drunken misadventure and frustration along the way and now that I'm all ready to do some 'proper' architecture, employers of a starchitecty (or at least 'would be') starchitecty bent just take one look at my post Grad School CV and alarm bells start ringing in their heads.
      Gawd, it's like having been in a string of flop movies ...

      Sep 7, 06 7:42 pm

      A few months ago I travelled to Jaisalmer, a small village at the Indian-Pakistani border. All the village was made of little mud houses coloured in bright red. The weather was so hot that I slept every night on the roof of my hut. I loved to wake up before the sunrise and sit on the warm mud roof, looking at how things turned their night grey appearances into their real colors as dayligth increased. Little by little, mud houses became more and more red until they seemed to be on fire. There were many electric wires crossing above my house and you could hear a subttle vibrating noise coming from them in the silence of the morning: “bzzzzzzzz”…. To me it sounded like the engine that made the Earth spin starting to work every morning....

      Sep 16, 06 1:20 pm

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