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    me and lots of other people

    By Oana S.
    May 14, '05 7:58 PM EST

    i feel that it's been a long time since i last wrote here, but maybe just because i left my city.
    i'm in sinaia, a tourist resort in the mountains, at a workshop/seminar held by the university of urbanism grenoble, france.
    we are doing a study on the town and the whole prahova valley (the surrounding area ) and try to find better sollutions for the highway that will be build here.
    there are 24 students from france and 4 romanians. actually the one from france are rather from over the world: china, alger, germany, etc. for example in my team we are 1 romanian, one chinese, one french and one from columbia.
    though the main language is french (and i'm not speaking it) we communicate through enlish, german , french, a little bit of spanish and lots of signs. and each language is spoken with a different accent.
    i'll show u many many many pictures as soon as i get back to timisoara, that will be in 2 weeks. in sinaia i have internet acces only in a cafe, and the computers are very very very slow. in addition i don't have my camera but i'm going to collect pictures from all the other students, so i'll have a lot to show you.
    we get along very well, the nights start with lot of beers ('til one point alcohol makes good connections between people). the weekends are free so i took 7 of them and came to bucharest were we stay at my brother's place. the whole day we've been visiting important sites and for relaxing we went at a party held at the museum for contemporary art, party that also included lots of artistic happenings and installation. lots of people, good music, nice atmosphere. it's good that these kind of things happen.
    but tomorrow is another day in which we have to walk a lot, so i'll go rest.
    so have a good night.


    • e909
      though the main language is french (and i'm not speaking it)

      kudos! and stay away from greezy french fires (they're american, of course)

      ('til one point alcohol makes good connections between people).

      and then it becomes a barroom brawl. (lots of fists connecting with noses)

      just joking.
      May 15, 05 1:24 am
      vado retro

      hey they are called "freedom fries".

      May 15, 05 9:36 am
      liberty bell

      I recall in one night in Brno when it took a gorup of five architecture students speaking a mish-mish of German, English, French and Italian to get directions to the train station from one of the locals - good luck with the multi-lingual communication, it is so rewarding when you manage to b understood!

      May 16, 05 10:24 am

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