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    team work

    By Oana S.
    Mar 6, '05 9:35 AM EST

    i promised some pictures from the one day project on last friday. As it didn't matter to me ( u have to make 2 out of 4, i already have 2) and some other students, we decided to do a little something together, just for fun. catched in the atmosphere, we enjoyed staying with our hard working colleagues, and make a less serious project. actually it wasn't 'less seriuos', it was a total joke (probably a bad one).
    We had to make a small fast food on a spot in front of our school. It was supposed to look as if it 'belonged' to the arch. school.
    Ok, that was our result but i really have to mention (in case u didn't notice), it was made with no effort what so ever, drawn only with markers, and ... That's not the way projects look around here! or better said, that is not a project!!!!!! (i really thought a lot whether i should post it or not).
    At first i wanted to make photos of the projects but instead i focused on the sketches everyone had. i always enjoythe 'process of creation', and sometimes the papers with the first drawings are fascinating.
    waiting for the pizza delivery...
    one of the studios


    • c.k.

      schita de schita?

      Mar 6, 05 3:29 pm
      vado retro

      whoever did the drawing thats fourth from the top has a very nice hand.

      Mar 6, 05 5:51 pm

      How do you know that vada? There is no hand in that picture!!!!!!

      Mar 7, 05 11:01 am
      Oana S.

      mda... schita de schita!
      presupun ca cunosti termenul...
      mai facut curioasa! mai esti pe aici?

      Mar 7, 05 12:36 pm

      nu mai sunt de aproape 5 ani.
      poti sa-mi dai un email prin archinect daca vrei.

      Mar 7, 05 2:28 pm
      vado retro

      nice hand as in drawing style...aight?

      Mar 9, 05 10:16 pm

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