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    friday- freitag- vendredi- venerdì- viernes-a little tokyo

    By Oana S.
    Feb 3, '06 4:17 AM EST

    if you are into museums, you can't miss palais de tokyo. it's right next to the Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris and it tries to be something different.
    it's been my second time here, again disappointed. the space, though apparently enormous, is not big at all. you finish the exhibition in max 5 min. and both times the collections didn't leave me with any ... taste at all, not even a bad one. maybe it's just me... still, i recommend it for its atmosphere and attempt to be a different kind of museum.
    anyway, i loved the clothes hanging on the facade of the Museum od Modern Art. it showed the scale of the columns and took them of their pedestal. it also annulled their imposing, monumental attitude.





    • sharpie.

      hanging clothes out there surely is the funniest thing i`ve seen in a museum facade.

      Feb 3, 06 4:41 am

      this seems very agreeable-

      Feb 3, 06 4:46 am
      job job

      actually i think it's a very successful space. for your review (if you're still in Paris) check out the d'orsay for what can go very wrong. great location, exemplary re-use of a train station, good permanent collection in an execrable space.

      Feb 3, 06 6:38 am
      Oana S.

      i've been to the d'orsay.
      also i ment about tokyo that the space/ concept/ atmosphere is great, but the exhibition was ... not very interesting (it happened also this summer, with another exhibition , but i guess you could call it bad timing).

      Feb 3, 06 9:56 am

      I saw a great exhibit with Ed Templeton when I visited. Had never seen his work. Powerful...wonder if American Apparel didn't take cues from his documentation of friends. Also some works by Louise Bourgeois. There were a number of video installations. Curatorially, exhibits blended together, so I was unsure of where one work or exhibit started/stopped. Nonetheless, memorable. The bookstore was filled to the brim. Lacking in didactic material? The Pompidou also had a great video/sound exhibition up when I was there, Doug Aitken was one of the exhibiting artists. There was an unusual related exhibition with (may be foggy on the details...) banks of computers with lists of electronic music chosen by each artist in the exhibition. Found it:$File/sonicang.pdf . Found some great new music thru this show. There's also a ton of galleries worth visiting. Let's see:,, These are a bit NYC-centric, but here's a website I just hit that has a more comprehensive list: Can you tell I'm envious of your adventures? Nostalgic for my 2002 trip. Which reminds me, I did a Philly-Paris apartment swap. I highly recommend going that route for broke adventure-seekers. Cheers.

      Feb 3, 06 12:31 pm

      what do you mean about palais de tokyo trying to be "different"? In what way? I'm not familiar with the motivations behind it. Can you tell more about what you know?

      Feb 3, 06 2:39 pm
      vado retro

      it is definetly the place to go for round paper hanging lightshades and cheaper than costplus!!!

      Feb 3, 06 6:26 pm
      Oana S.

      i just wrote a lot to answer myriam but closed the window by mistake (damn you, 5 button mouse!).
      ok. so i was saying i don't actually know more then i have seen about the subject.
      but it's obvious they avoided the idea of museum as an institution and turned instead towards the public space in perpetual motion.
      imediately after you walk in, you sense you are not in a convetional exhibition (my unconventional conventionists). the place is maybe cosy, full of spirit, inviting you to interact. the souvenirs are hello kitty and other japanese obejects held in soft drinks refrigerators. the inner yard is always animated by skaters. the space is not empty and without personality, waiting for a painting. i suppose alternative is a good work to describe tokyo.

      Feb 4, 06 8:39 am

      Oana, who's the artist behind the laundry lines? pretty brilliant...

      Maybe you would have liked the Wang Du show. perfectly absurd...
      or my favorite ever: the Inochi video by Takashi Murakami! too good...

      and as always, luv yr blog!

      Feb 4, 06 4:18 pm
      Oana S.

      sorry, i'm don't know the artists name and can't find anything about the ehibtion. :(

      Feb 7, 06 4:34 am

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